Friday, 18 May 2018

#Holidays, home and the darned washing. Amongst other things

Well, this isn't a post about anything in particular but a lot in general.

As in, I wish I was still in Barbados, where the people, the food and the scenery is all so wonderful.

Or, for instance, why when you do the last load of washing the day before you come home from holiday do you still have two full loads to do once you get home? *Glares at DH who insisted he'd given me everything that was dirty and put three pairs of shorts two shorts a couple of polo shirts and lots of underwear in said laundry basket*.

Why does jet lag make you feel as if you're sea sick? *Sways gently*

What is the gremlin that means you can't find three bras, two t-shirts and your toothbrush? And find them three days later.

Where are your car keys that you 'hid'? Clue, where they were put behind the CD case this time.

Who ate the gluten-free biccies when you're the only one at home who can't eat gluten? *stares at son, only one in house*.

Why did none of the films on the plane hold your attention? *I'm not a film lover* nice to be back in your own bed? *Oh yes*

But hey, I'm not complaining. I'm darned lucky to be able to go away and have such a fantastic time.

Beautiful Barbados with lots of gluten free food to be had.

And with a view from my lap top like this, it was a pleasure to get up early and write.

Now back home, washing done, clothes found (almost) stopped swaying, and writing with this view instead.

With squirrels going by not monkeys

And now back to my WIP

Have a great weekend

love, Raven xx

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