Monday, 21 May 2018

The Gluten Free Author's Guide to goodies—or not—in Barbados

Long time no post, I know. Did you wonder where I was?

Finishing a book by my softer, sweeter side, Katy Lilley (New Beginnings for Bryony Bennett, out this week on 24th).

And on holiday. 

Which means, today I'm chatting about Barbados where I've just been lucky enough to spend several gorgeous weeks. 

It was hard to leave, I tell you. It's such a friendly island, and you soon feel part of life there.

The company, sun, sand, sea, and scenery were perfect. The villas exactly what we wanted, and we came home relaxed and knowing we'd had a fantastic time.

And the food....

Well what can I say?

Barbados does gluten free food in general very well. 

You might need, as they say,  a second mortgage for some of it, it's not cheap, but it's there. (frozen g-f pizza bas around £10 for instance) Plus a lot of it isn't quite what we're used to in the UK, but that's all part of the fun of discovering new places and new foods. 

The main thing it is easily available. Both in the supermarkets and restaurants.

I found all the basics in the main supermarkets across the island, much more than on previous visits. The main stores—Massy—sell a lot of Waitrose stuff. It feels a bit surreal drinking Waitrose wine in Barbados. (At twice the price of home *wink* 

They also have a dedicated g-f shelf. Perfect.

As for eating out?

As we split our time between Holetown and Hastings, my main meals out were around those places, but I got fantastic fish as you would expect, at The Fish Pot, at Little Good Harbour. That restaurant never fails.

Great food great views and great company.

We also went to Little Arches at Enterprise Beach, where they use as many local ingredients as possible, and I had g-f gluten free fish and chips. Proper fish and chips. 

The Art Cafe in Hastings do gluten free wraps but you have to get there early, because they sell out fast. However it's worth it. Filling, tasty and enormous.

And all with fantastic views.

I could go on and on. The Sunset Bar in Holetown, Cutters near Crane, a beach bar in Speightstown whose name I forget (sorry my bad). Plus lots of places we didn't go to this year, but have done in the past. Tides, Tapas, Atlantic Hotel... to name a few.)

Champers at Rockley Beach, where we celebrated a birthday, and the birthday boy got a cake and a candle and the two g-f-ers their own menu. (I've been here several times over the years and had several celebration meals—with g-f menu and candle—and it's superb.

(Pic Champers web)

I always travel with at least a loaf, just in case. This time it was sensible as we landed on a Sunday, after the supermarket in Holetown closed, but as long as the supermarkets are open, you're fine. (Check opening hours, They don't open on Founders Day or Labour Day for instance, and some close earlier than others, especially on a Sunday)

You'll not starve, and it is fun trying different types of g-f food. The sweet waffles in the freezer are amazing. 

(Source, Kelloggs)

If you fancy a BBQ, it's easy. Not all but a lot of the food have the g-f symbol on them (some sausages for instance). Salad food is a bit hit and miss, but nip to Oistins and buy your fish and watch it being prepared for you.

I even, in a fit of housewifery madness bought flour and made buns. Now they were...shall we say...different. But that was because the flour wasn't good old UK g-f Self Raising. Even so, I was all over happy.

Now I can't wait to go back. And without a suitcase full of g-f food. (More space to hit the shops in duty free eh?)

Happy g-f holidays,

Raven xx

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