Sunday, 20 May 2018

(sort of) #SexySnippets with a room with more than a view

Hi all, welcome to #SexySnippets. Or as mine is called today (sort of) #SexySnippets

That's because I'm not sure how sexy it is.

(unedited word vomit)

"You know, we remind me of that old TV add where the women all watch out of the window at work, waiting for the sexy window cleaner or something to appear."

"We don't have chocolate, there's no window cleaner, and we're not at work."

"True, but we are looking out of the window, waiting for a sexy someone to appear." 

That's because you've got the hots for someone and I quote, you call the sexiest thing ever since sliced bread with banana sandwiches, and I personally can't see said sarnie as sexy."

"Maybe not but I bet you secretly do think he's sex on legs and worth lusting after, and I reckon the way he always looks up and winks, that if you made a move, well, if he played his cards right he could have you."

"I wonder if you're right or if it would be worth it? Perhaps I 'd prefer a book boyfriend who I can shut up when I want to and not worry about bed hair, bed breath, edible dinners or pink bedsheets with pandas all over them?"


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  1. Pmsl at pink bed sheets with pandas. Great snippet :)