Wednesday, 16 May 2018

#midWeekTease with a guy who might just be ready, willing and more than able...

Hi all, welcome to #MidWeekTease

I'm waiting for edits on my next Naught Forties book, so I thought I'd give you a wee tease from the first one, Darling Doc.

(I just love that cover...created by the fantastic Jay Aheer)

This stuff only happens in romance novels….
After a chance meeting on a crowded tram, Sandy has cause to re-evaluate several things.
1, It is perfectly possible to lust after a stranger.
2, It isn’t only fictional heroines who need to carry spare panties.
3, A man’s voice really can almost make you climax in public.
4, Great sex does exist.
5, Being a doctor can complicate things.

When her chance encounter turns up in her surgery, there is only one thing for it. Grab said hunk and the sex on offer with both hands and don’t let go. Alistair isn’t a patient after all… and what two consenting adults get up to in their spare time can’t be love, or can it?

and your #MidWeekTease

He moved.
Moved away.
You know that sense of disappointment you get when

someone shows you what you crave and then snatches it way before you even get a taste or a touch? That hit me like a ton of bricks, and I stiffened, amazed how swiftly it washed through me.
“Condom,” Alistair said in a husky voice. “Before I forget and get carried away with my need to be in you.”
“Shall I?”
He shook his head. “I daren’t let you. I’d come at first touch. Next time, and the time after, and...” He twisted to pick up the packet, and then I saw it.
On his ass. A tiny tattoo. Of a demon.
Oh my, yes.
Did I moan? Probably. He tore open the wrapping with a rustle.
More than.
“Oh yes.”
I had no idea that watching a man protect us could be such a sodding turn-on. He stroked the prophylactic down his length and looked at me.
“Darling doc, I can’t promise anything but a short, hard fucking this time. I’ve dreamed about loving you and making you mine. The kink is such an amazing bonus. I’m humbled to find you desire me that way, as I do you. But as I hope to be your Sir, I also yearn to fill you and watch your face as you come now. Licking every salty, aroused inch of you.”

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  1. I'm so glad this series continues. Awesome tease :-)

  2. Why, the little devil... Great tease!

  3. WOOHOO! And a devil tattoo -- love it, Raven!