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#MidWeekTease with a fox fur tippet???

Hi all it's #MidWeeekTease time

and I just have to post this..

For her sixteenth birthday Ruby and Alice handed her what Ruby said proudly, was her very own fox fur tippet. ‘Got it off a mate who’s got a stall down the lanes,’ Ruby said. ‘Special it is.’ Alice shot him a sharp glance and firmed her lips, but said nothing.
Molly stroked the tippet. The fur didn’t feel like she imagined fox would and the face was rounder than she expected, but then how would she know? The only foxes she’d seen were in those pictures of old fashioned hunting scenes. Or dead around some posh woman’s neck. She smiled, and gave her parents a hug each. ‘Thanks dad, mum. How did you get here without the kids?’
 ‘We didn’t really,’ Alice said. ‘They’re in the park and we’re taking you to see them. Joseph said the rest of the day is yours.’ As it was a weekday, and it was only lunchtime that was one of the best birthday presents ever.
‘Let me get my hat.’
The park was relatively busy, but Cissy, Bella, Teg and Flossie were easily found. They’d marked out an area of grass and spread themselves over it. When Flossie spotted them she came rushing over, skirts flying and her lace edged drawers showing as she hopped skipped and jumped her way toward them.
 She’ll never learn to be a young lady,’ Alice said half with pride, half with wry resignation. ‘But at least she’ll be one who knows her own mind.’
‘Time for treats,’ Flossie sang. ‘I thought you were never gonna get ‘ere we’ve been waiting ages.’ she pouted. ‘And our Ciss was mean as he...a toad. Wouldn’t let me go oFf or anything. Made me stop with her. Bella and Teg went for a walk and she told me I weren’t allowed.’ Her voice rose as he recited her gripes. ‘S’not fair.’
‘S’not raining,’ Teg made his favourite retort and sniggered. ‘Not yet at any rate.’
Alice tutted and shook her head. Molly hid a grin. Her siblings never failed to amuse her. Always the same old arguments and retorts. Flossie always felt hard done by, and the others rolled their eyes or smacked her down...not physically, although she’d bet on occasion each and everyone would own up to the fact their hands itched to do so.
 ‘Ages, as in half an hour,’ Cissy said as they all came together. ‘And she’s whined every minute of it.’
‘So is it no cake and sarsaparilla then?’ Alice asked with a mock scowl. ‘Is our Molly’s birthday treat spoiled because of you, Florence Whitton? I’m ashamed of you.’
Flossie broke into loud cries.
‘Crocodile tears,’ Alice said. ‘Now give over or I’ll take you home to bed, and everyone else will enjoy themselves without you.’
‘Which would be better,’ Teg said under his breath. He faced Molly and made sure his parents didn’t hear him.
Flossie stopped crying as abruptly as she’d started and looked pointedly behind Molly. ‘Our Moll, why is that man staring at you? Now he’s coming over. Mum what if he’s a bad un? After our Moll?’

(Taken from my WIP )

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  1. Wow. Such an immersive snippet. Feels like I'm listening to them.

  2. I love what you have going on here and look forward to reading more.