Sunday, 29 April 2018

#SexySnippets where my heroine wonders what a 'hawt bloke' might want of her...

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#SexySnippets... 7sentences from a book or WIP

Today my seven come from an old favorite, The Contract, which although written by Raven, comes as a bonus read in Kera Faire's paperback volume of the last two Death Isle books ,which you can get here

or in an ebook from Evernight, Amazon Kobo et al...


Nikki's neighbor has told Nikki she had a visitor when she was out, and who was it was because in Kenna's words...the guy was hawt...


"No idea, but if you see him around and I don’t appear for a day or so it's either hot sex going on, or I'm dead. I like daisies, and you can sing ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’ over my coffin."

"The little death maybe?" Kenna guffawed. She had the dirtiest laugh Nikki had ever heard.

"I should be so lucky, but I guess I can dream." Nikki sketched a wave and walked the last few yards to her gate and punched in the security code to allow her access. 

With hindsight, she wished she'd asked Kenna to describe the guy. Ah well he'd either come back or he wouldn't. 

Nevertheless, a hot guy looking for her? That'd be right.

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  1. Who wouldn't like a hot guy waiting for them? Fab snippet :-)