Sunday, 15 April 2018

#SexySnippets where my heroine is not feeling so sexy after all...

Untitled, no idea where it's really going WIP...

So here's your (un) #SexySnippets

De Anne is a bridesmaid at her best friend's wedding, and is wondering how she can cope in an all in one support garment, with her sexy ex standing next to her as best man.

~~~~     ~~~~~    ~~~~~

How can I feel sexy, wearing holdy-in pants-girdle-underwear things, designed to cut off circulation, in the bridesmaids dress from hell, with my sodding still handsome as hades, movie star ex-husband smirking next to me?

Yes that is a hold your breath spit it out sentence, it needs to be to let me vent.

Not only that, the world's press in helicopters, circling above us like a swarm of angry bees, the bride in tears of joy, the groom ditto, and everyone but me in happy clappy wedding heaven?

I swear if I could have ducked out, developed a rash,  fever, even invented some hitherto undiscovered illness I would. . . except the bride was my best friend—and a doctor to boot—and we'd sworn as kids to be each other's maid or matron of honour, come what may. 

She'd flown back from somewhere exotic to be mine first time around when h-as-h ex and I had married on a beach in Antigua—in a white sarong for me, sadly with black underwear showing, because that was all I had and denim cut offs for him. 

Sandy, my mate and today's bride had brought us both a dress for that occasion—or rather her mum had—and her mum's ideas were not ours. 

Sadly mine made me look like a parcel, so I opted for the sarong, and hers made her looked like the bride—until she whipped it off and stood up for me in a shocking pink bikini.

Not at all like today.

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