Thursday, 5 April 2018

#MidWeekTease, late and not proper

Because I have three minutes on lap top

so here we go, from my chick lit to be published in May, new title to be revealed very soon

‘Oh for…’ If there had been anything to stamp her foot on and make a noise she would have done. Bryony clenched her hands into fists and was rewarded by the tiniest hint of his mouth twitching. Not a proper smile but maybe a softening of his bottom lip? However he still didn’t offer his name.
‘Fine keep who you are to yourself. I’ll just think of you as Mr Grumpy, that’s apt.’ Bryony picked her bag up again and ignored him. He stepped in front of her. She sidestepped.
He matched it. And grinned. The sort of grin that would make hundreds of women drop their knickers given half a chance. Not her though, she was made of sterner stuff. She hoped.
But, oh my goodness, that makes him so bloody different. Does he have two personas? Am I in a split dimension? Oh grief damp knicker alert as Maisie would say.
Then she remembered, actually she didn’t have knickers on as she hadn’t been able to find a clean pair and the cheese grater thong her mum had given her for Christmas—‘to bring you up to date, love’—which she discovered in with the corkscrew and three dishtowels, was as useful as an ice cream in hell. That had gone on and off in record time and now resided beneath her period pants in her underwear drawer. She wouldn’t throw it out and maybe hurt her mum’s feelings but she doubted she’d wear it, not even when she was desperate. Like now?
 Not desperate. She was as they said, commando, and if she were honest, rather liked it.

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