Sunday, 1 November 2015

He was a rake and she'd better not forget it. #SexySnippets

Hi All, 

I'm deep into writing The Duke's Seduction of Lady M, my third book for Carina.

It's not due out until April, but I'm its mindset, so my #SexySnippets comes from it.

Mary is a widow who has just moved to a village in Rutland, to see out her the last months of her year of mourning, and decide...what next...

She feels something is missing from her life.

Brody, The Duke Of Welland is just back from the continent where he 'worked on behalf of the crown.' 

He's bored...

(unedited word vomit)

Rutland 1818

‘You mean your staff will lie for you?’ Mary spread her hands out. ‘How very convenient.’
 It didn’t faze him as he looked down to where she noticed his other staff, his own personal staff was neatly outlined under the buckskin.
This one?’ he gestured. ‘Never, but the others?’ He took hold of the hand nearest him and very properly kissed the back of it. ‘Isn’t it?’

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  1. Oh, just have to love those buckskin breeches. Those were the days. Lovey snippet and transported me to the era.

  2. Oh, I do love one of your rakes, Raven :-)

  3. A mourning widow and a bored Duke? Should be all kinds of interesting. Great snippet.