Friday, 27 November 2015

The Color of Love blog hop

Hi everyone.  (or one person and the cat)

Welcome to the color of love blog hop. Where we celebrate love...

After all isn't it love that makes the world go round? Love that gives us hope...and a warm squishy feeling inside. Love that gives us hope?

Lots of authors have joined together to offer a prize, and you can catch them all on the linky list below. I'm gifting an eCopy of Nina's Dom on here to one commenter who tells me what you think is the most important facet of love?

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6th Prize$5 5

hope you all enjoy the hop...

Hopping with you...

love R x


  1. Thanks for joining the blog hop. You've asked a tough question. I can't say that there is a most important facet of love because of its components are important. One of my teachers once mentioned that love is a choice and a decision. So it's important to make that choice.

  2. Great question - tough one too. The most important facet of love... I think it's love itself, the fact of it. Cos there are different types of love, different stages of love etc. So if love itself isn't there, then there's no point really.

  3. Hmm, tough question, indeed. For me it's the connection, and being a part of one. It's something that widens our capacity to understand, be more self-aware, feel more.