Tuesday, 3 November 2015

who dares, wins... #TT

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Who dares, wins...

“Must we?” Charlotte stared at Jake and watched as he raised one eyebrow in query to her question. God he did it so well, damn him.
“You’re asking me that?” he said incredulously. “You know the answer.”
She shuffled uneasily on her seat. Damn, it was bloody hard, why on earth hadn’t she grabbed a cushion. At this rate she’d end up with piles as well as everything else.
“Well,’ she mumbled, “I just wondered, you know, if it was really necessary?”
He shrugged. “Sweetness, can you hear yourself? Really? If we don’t, what do you think the outcome will be? Remember the time we decided not to do it?” He shook his head. “Messy. Very, very, messy.”
Oh Charlotte remembered all right. After that they’d both decided to do what had to be done. Not to moan or prevaricate but just get on with it.
She sighed. “Oh okay, but no cheating.”
 “I never cheat.”
“Hah so you say. I’m not so sure. She wriggled and got into position. ‘Right, I’m ready.” She put her hand up and Jake clasped it.
“So,” he said. “We’re agreed? Best of three, arms wrestled flat to the table?”

 “Loser does the dishes.”

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  1. Another piece that I like, and yes, I'm going to catch the rest on the next link you've provided.

    1. Okay, I missed the final bottom, thinking you wrote more, but I realized it's the link to TTT.

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  3. Very playful and humorous tease :-)

  4. I love your playful teases, Raven :-)