Sunday, 8 November 2015

#SexySnippets let's go back in time and enjoy... The Wager

Morning all.

Welcome to #SexySnippets

Where you get to read a wee tease—seven sentences—from a book or a WIP.

I was talking about my books the other day to a friend, about degrees of 'hotness' and suggestion. And I said, 'well I have a book out with no sex in it. But it's hot.'

And I so love that book.

Therefore today, I'm taking back in time, to when Catherine realised she was part of—The Wager...

and here's your #SexySnippets

"Hell Caty, I could not say no."
"Of course you could, it is easy, one word." Her head pounded and she had difficulty forming her sentence. She rather thought she and her actions were at the root of the wager.
"I couldn't, for his next words were...'and if she refuses, I will take everything that is not entailed.' Hang it Caty; that would leave us with nigh on nothing."
No, she could not refuse. 

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  1. Lovely snippet. I enjoyed the sense of an insurmountable problem she must face.

  2. You know how much I love this story :-)