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#MidWeekTease... " I don’t want to be responsible for holding your junk and tattooing on it at the same time.”



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The Dom with the Dark Eyes


It was supposed to be one night of fun…
Masked balls are not Linsey’s thing, but needs must. She’ll stay for a little while and then leave. However, when she meet the Dom with the dark eyes, all thoughts of leaving flee, as the switch in her wants to sink to her knees and submit.
Not something that happens a lot to this Mistress.
Rad feels an instant connection to the sexy lady he calls his sweet Cherry. She appeals to this Dom like no other sub ever has, and the fact that she seems to be a switch like him just makes their play that much more interesting.
One night was all it was supposed to be, but when that night turns out to have lasting consequences, maybe it was more than just fun. Love has a way of sneaking up on you.

And your #MidWeekTease

Whoever said getting a tattoo was akin to a good whipping didn’t know what they were talking about. Linsey wished she could zone out and come back to reality when it was all over. Give her the whipping any day.
Compared to her tiny underarm ink this was ten times bigger and fifty times more painful.
Gah, I’m turning into a wimp.
 Each tiny prick on her mound was fucking sore, and she held her breath, bit her lip and squeezed Sir’s hand until both his and her knuckles where white. However, as each flake of ink added to the picture Rhonda created, Linsey’s heart swelled.
 Was it stupid to want this little connection with someone she had no intention of seeing again?
She decided not.
“There, all done.” Rhonda held a mirror so Linsey could see the design.
She loved it.
“Now you, Sir?”
 He nodded. “On my dick.”
“You can’t.” Both women spoke at once.
“Why not?”
 “Well, because who’s going to hold it taut?” Rhonda asked. “I know I’m brilliant but I don’t want to be responsible for holding your junk and tattooing on it at the same time.”
Linsey shrugged. “I’ll hold it. My no was because I thought it just wasn’t feasible.”
 Rhonda laughed. “Everywhere is feasible. Come on then, let’s do it.”
The next half an hour was one of the most surreal moments of her life. The minute she took hold of Sir’s cock it hardened. The second Rhonda closed in with her needles it softened.
“Think nasties like a needle inside the slit,” Rhonda suggested. “That’ll stop you hardening when your lady touches you.”
Linsey winced as Sir went white.
“Yeah, okay, fucking get on with it.”
Rhonda laughed. “How would men cope with childbirth?” She inked in another section. “Have an anesthetic?”
“Two,” Sir said. “Or the human race would die out.”
Linsey laughed. “I’d hold your hand and tell you that it’s like shelling peas and the peasants used to give birth in the fields and go straight back to work.”
“Good for them. I have every respect for all of womankind. That includes you, Rhonda, for doing this. Do you do many on cocks?”
 “A few she said cheerfully. “The favorite seems to be a script of up yours…”
Sir snorted and Linsey giggled.
Rhonda shrugged. “Each to their own. “Right, that’s me done. Don’t forget the aftercare. I’ve left you both instructions. I must say, though I love them.”
So did Linsey.

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