Friday, 6 November 2015

Misrepresentation doesn't rule... #FFF

100 words.

Same picture.

Different interpretations.

Here's mine...

Linsey sighed.
“Okay lets do it before I throw up.”
 Tina smiled. “Eh? Oh, I see.”
“I doubt it, but if we have to do it let’s get on with it.”
Benni the photographer rubbed her hands together.
“It will so work.’
Linsey frowned. “It better. Okay let’s do it. Tina, I hope to god I don’t squash you.”
“It’s in a good cause.” Tina got onto the floor. “Good grief you weigh a ton.”
“Okay, one two three, Great that’s perfect.”

 “Good That’s the no-no one done. Now for the one that shows Fem-Dom as it can be.”

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Happy reading,

Love  R x


  1. Love it, Raven :-)

  2. LOL. Raven, you have such a unique and wonderful way of interpreting things. Great take on the pic. Leaves me eager to see the pose they'll strike for "how it's supposed to be done." :-)

  3. Love your take on this story. Tense and funny too. Great flash!