Friday, 13 November 2015

#FFF ...come fly with me...


A given picture...100 words...

My offering...

...come fly with me...

“What’re we doing?”

“No idea.”

Whose idea was it?

“The boss.”

“Oh yeah. Asshole. You’re letting him off to lightly. Why didn’t you put your foot down?”

“Why didn’t you?”

 “Ha, what chance did I get? You, Miss Bloody Cheerful jumped up and down like a demented gnat, and offered our services. Our mind. Not just yours.”

 “We’re partners. We’re a team.”

“On this occasion I’d be happy for you to go it alone.”


 Not at all. Try the new, 'superduperallsingingsodansweets'. Shit, look at them. Sugar central. We’ll be flying, high as kites.”

“Saves on the train fare then.”

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Happy reading,

Love  R x


  1. Lol, such a playful flash :-)

  2. I want to try that drink Raven!

  3. I agree with Doris. It is a playful flash.