Wednesday, 25 November 2015

#MidWeekTease ... where Angie and Cam recomfirm their limits...

This week, I has a wonder of what to tease you with. I seem to be having three books out soon, and it was ohhh which one. So I decided, arbitrarily I must admit not to use any of them.

Instead, this week's #MidWeekTease is from last year's Christmas book, which is on offer from Evernight for only 99cents at the moment.

I've no idea how long for though...

here's your tease...

"Do you love me?" Angie asked him.
 Cam cleared his suddenly dry throat, and wished to hell he had his tankard of ale handy. "Why do you ask?"
"It's not usual for a couple to be in love is it? Isn't it supposed to be convenient and expedient and a good match?"
Cam nodded. "All of those, but love may come into it." He hesitated. The air was still and heavy, as if every mote of dust waited along with Angelina for his answer. "I loved you, I still love you. I saw you, wanted you and soon realized that what I felt was more than want and lust. You completed me. My life was unfulfilled until we met."
She stared at him, and as he looked back, the color returned to her skin, and she breathed erratically. Cam took hold of her wrist and felt her pulse leap. "It's true, my love. It may be unfashionable, but we decided we wouldn't be conventional members of the ton and follow their diktat. We would be the Camberleys and make our own rules. One of which was to mean what it says in our wedding vows. We would love and honor each other."
"And obey?"
He laughed, and Angelina grinned at him.
"You told me you crossed your fingers when you said that, because you would only obey me at the appropriate times." Cam said, and tugged her earlobe. "You also, whether you meant to or not, gave me an insight into your psyche. So if you do this." He tugged her lobe once more. "It's a sure sign you don't really mean what you say."
"Sounds about right." She knelt on the floor in front of him, and looked upwards so he could see the mischief lurking in her eyes. "And did we define when those times were?"
"When I demand obedience and you agree, is something we worked out, yes."
"And, My Lord, just when are those times?" Angelina buried her head in his lap, and nuzzled his cock through his pantaloons. "Here and now?"
Damned if it doesn't have to be. Cam held her in place for a few seconds to savor the rush of blood to his cock, which was now rock hard under her touch.
"Here and now, lady-mine. If you are fit enough?" He tugged her hair so she lifted her head. "Do you remember now what we do?"
"I remember, but probably not as you think I do," Angelina answered, somewhat cryptically he thought. "So, My Lord, you may have to guide me. And I may be speaking out of turn, and earn that spanking I'm sure you promised me, but for fuck's sake, fuck me. I'm wet, hot, and horny, the only reason I ache is because I want you in me, and if I don't come soon I might well explode."
"I don't spank," Cam said. Has she really remembered anything? Only the cheeky look on her face made him wonder if she was pushing him to see what he would do. "I have other ways to bring you to order, lady-mine."
"Damn. I keep hoping you will do the spanking bit." She knelt back on her ankles. "Just to see what it's like. Ah well, sorry, My Lord, it was worth a try. Okay, brat time over. I well remember how you chastise me, and please, please, let me come. I think orgasm denial would be enough to put me back in a coma." She bent her head and nuzzled his cock once more.
The relief that coursed through him was well out of proportion to those words. Thank the lord she does remember. Orgasm denial had always been his form of punishment, with every woman he had bedded, although, since meeting Angelina Cam had bedded no one except her. He accepted immediately, she was the one for him, and hang the conventions which said a woman supposedly indicated—in a suitably subtle manner—to a gentleman, that he was the one. Yet again Cam bucked convention. But then didn't his activities in the bedroom go against what most people accepted? He hadn't earned his nickname of Dang for nothing. Coined by one mistress who said bitterly that to take her to the edge and leave her dangling there, unable to come was cruelty personified. He didn't disagree, although he would perhaps have substituted masterful and dominant for cruel. Cam was very definitely a dominant in every sense of the word. The only time he wasn't in charge was when he handed the authority to someone else. Like, on occasion, in play with Angelina. But did she remember that? It seemed not. So now perhaps was the time to remind her?

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