Friday, 30 October 2015

#FFF All in a Day's Work...

One picture

One hundred words

My vision...

All in a day's work...

Whichever way she turned, she still looked like a soup can. Albeit one with a few dints and scratches and no label.
Had it really cone to this in such a short time?
To do as she was bidden, no questions asked?
It seemed so.
Yesterday Ophelia, today the soup dragon.
But then, she considered, as her wings flexed and relaxed, and the air filled with strange whirring and clanking noises, you’d do anything for the one you loved.
One who loved Dragons, loved you unconditionally and was celebrating her fifth birthday.
Tomorrow Ophelia, today the soup dragon.

Mother love.
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Happy reading,

love R x


  1. heh he, trust you, Raven to come up with an unusal take :-)

  2. Very clever take on the image, beautifully written

  3. I loved it! Loved this twist and makes me want to know more of her background. Mmmm I see a possible adventure to behold on this short story. :) Great flash!