Monday, 12 October 2015

Do you want The Job... Alex does...

Pssst... Look...

I grabbed it to show you before Doris pops in and chats.

Woohoo, love being back at Raven’s. If only because I can get her back and put Budda sized chocolate fingerprints all over her settee. (I have wet wipes, it's fine, and it's worth it for grandson cuddles)


Only joking. Like any good grandson, Budda always behaves himself for her. (Of course he does, he knows who has the chocolate.)

No, I’m here, to introduce you to Nathanial Langton, the hero in my latest release The Job. This hunk was his visual inspiration.

As you can imagine with that yummy inspiration my fingers flew. So who is Nathanial Longton?
Well he comes from old English money, which he’s added considerably to since he took over his father’s company. An only child he’s lost his mother a few months ago and his father is not in the best of health. While his business is a success, his personal life is less so. Having just recovered from a messy divorce, he’s rather cynical and jaded where women are concerned.  It’s the main reason why he’s a regular at Premiere Companions. He prefers to deal with professionals when he needs a companion for the numerous functions he has to attend. The ladies know the score; he can take the sex on offer, and part company in the morning without any of those messy emotions getting in the way.
Messy emotions like the ones that made him fall in love with the housekeeper’s daughter ten years ago. Of course that didn’t end well. She’s a woman after all and they’re only ever after one thing—his money.
So what do you think happens when the door opens to reveal his latest escort for the evening…. None other than said housekeeper’s daughter. Alex is all grown up and sexy as fuck, and his.
It’s payback time, but you know those messy emotions…. Yeah they do get in the way.

Accepting money for sex is wrong—isn’t it? 

Alexandra Farrington certainly thinks so. The job she’s agreed to do for her friend is not supposed to involve any sex. However, no man spends this much money on a swish hotel suite and sinful lingerie, and not expect the horizontal shimmy in return. And what sort of man employs escorts anyhow? 

Nathanial Longton cannot believe his eyes when the door opens to reveal his companion for the evening. He has never forgotten the housekeeper’s daughter. The girl he grew up with has grown into a beautiful, sexy woman, and what’s more she’s all his for the night. 
They have unfinished business and, with her at his mercy, it’s payback time. 

If only this was just about sex, but Alexandra’s submission awakens much more than his inner Sadist…. 

Love is far harder to ignore. 
Be Warned: BDSM, spanking, anal sex

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  “Sir, please?” Her breathy question pulled him out of the dark path his thoughts had meandered toward. Shaking his head, he focused back on the trembling woman in front of him. Head to one side, she was staring at him, through wide, slightly unfocused eyes. He delivered another open handed swat to her other butt cheek this time.  She moaned, as she collapsed back on the bed and he had to hide his grin.
“Did I give you permission to open your eyes, girl?”
Alex’s breathing sped up. She hastily shut her eyes and groaned when he massaged the angry red handprint left behind on her pale ass away. She was so fucking responsive and her skin marked beautifully. By the wetness coating her thighs, she was also a bit of a pain slut—perfect for him—in other words. It wasn’t often that Nat gave the more sadistic side of his free reign. He knew they would have to have some serious discussions about her limits before he could truly indulge in that dark side of him, but her responses so far made his blood sing.
“No, Sir, I’m sorry, Sir.”
Nat bent and bit right in the middle of that handprint, eliciting a deep throated groan from his girl, which made him grin.
“I’m sure you are, but it’s also pretty obvious that you’ll need help following instructions to keep still for me, so…”
 Picking up the abandoned tie, he tapped the back of her head.
“Lift up. I’m going to blindfold you.”
“Yes, Sir.” Alex complied immediately. Nat made short work of tying the fabric around her eyes. When he was satisfied that it was secure, he straddled her legs. Separating her hair down the middle, he braided it into two long plaits that reached halfway down her back. By the time he was finished his girl’s breathing had sped up to such a degree that she was in danger of hyperventilating. He lifted off her, and kissed his way down the graceful curve of her spine, until he reached the hot globes of her ass, and squeezed. Alex moaned and tried to clamp her thighs together.
“Oh, no, you don’t. Your orgasms belong to me. You will not come unless I give you permission.” Smiling at her frustrated grunt, he swatted her ass several times in quick succession, before he bent to take the string of her thong between his teeth and pulled upward.
Her hips came up with the movement. Alex mumbled words he didn’t quite catch as he yanked the material up and down her slit. A renewed gush of her essence was his reward. Nat inhaled deeply of her sweet musk, before he yanked hard. The delicate lace gave way with an audible rip. Spreading her ass cheeks, he saw his fill of her wet, swollen pussy.
“Hmm, what have we here, girl. Such a naughty little pet, I’ve got. All wet, pink, and eager for my cock.”
Another needy moan escaped his girl. He chuckled and blew across her wet slit. Her already engorged clit stood proud of its hood. The bundle of nerves contracted under his puffs of air, as her pussy hole ejected more of her feminine arousal.
“Please, Sir, I’m so close … please…”
Alexandra jumped when he indulged himself by licking along her slit. It was his turn to groan as she gushed into his mouth.
“So fucking hot and delicious. Tell me this pussy is mine to do with as I please, girl.”
He grunted the words in between licking, nibbling, and suckling at her wet cunt. Like a never ending stream of delight her juices kept coming. Her moans, sighs, and mewls spurred him on. Only when her whole body tensed, as she was seemingly hovering on the edge of her release, did he come up for air.
With her legs drawn up under her bum to give him access to her sweet cunt, her sweat slicked skin flushed in her arousal, her swollen folds all pink and wet for him, she made a beautiful sight as she fisted the bed covers. Her ass, however, wasn’t red enough for his liking. When she started to press herself into the covers in a seeming effort to get herself off, it gave him the perfect excuse to ramp this all up another notch.
Putting all his considerable force behind it, he slapped her straight across both her butt cheeks. Alexandra screamed. He wasn’t entirely surprised when she tumbled head first into an explosive orgasm. Yes, his girl definitely liked that bite of pain.
“Oh, now, this won’t do, my sweet thing. You’ve asked for this, pet.”
He paused to rub the mark his hand had left behind, loving the way she raised her ass into his touch with another deep throated needy moan.
“So fucking hot. Remember your safe words, if this gets too much, pet, what are they?”
He chuckled to himself, as he grasped hold of both her arms. He brought them back up high against her back. Alex grunted and writhed under him.
“I’ve asked you a question, girl.” He firmed his voice, even as he twisted the ends of one braid around her wrists. He proceeded to do the same with the other one. Picking up the ruined thong, he used it to tie everything together until she was strung up by her hair in a most satisfactory manner. It pulled her head back slightly as she strained to pull her arms down. Nat grinned, and swatted her ass again.
“Answer me, girl. Where are you in the traffic lights right now? I can guess, but I want to hear you say it.”
Judging by her earlier use of green, he surmised that she was familiar with the use. It was a recognized term in the lifestyle after all. Red for stop, orange for hold on we need to talk about this, green for all systems go.
“Gr-reen, Sir.” Her hesitant answer came out slurred. Nathanial’s grin deepened, when he realized that she was slipping into sub space. Now to keep her there for a while.
“Good girl. I’m going to give you twenty swats, for your earlier misdemeanors.  I want you to count them. Got that?”
A moan was his reply. Nat grinned and got to work.

wow oh wow eh...?

Happy reading, 

Love R x