Sunday, 11 October 2015

#SexySnippets where Bea shows more than her ankles

Happy #SexySnippets day again everyone. Hope you're all fine and well.

#SexySnippets. Seven sentences to tease and titillate your tastebuds. (and no mine aren't all chocolate and fizz, tempting though that may be...)

On 13th October, The Deception game, my 36th ( I think) story with Evernight Publishing comes out...

Definitely a chair swivel jiggle moment and look at this amazing cover...


When you discover a man who has been both your downfall and your salvation is expected to offer for your sister, who loves another, what do you do?
Run interference of course.
Beatrice has been told Jack, Lord Trevithan is about to offer for her sister Louisa. Several years earlier, Beatrice had been banished from the ton due to Jack, and his escapades. Perhaps now it was time to get her own back?
It sounded all well and good, except both Jack and Bea have hidden agendas
Ones that could chance their lives forever.
If only each is prepared to listen to the other.

And your seven sentence #SexySnippets~

As she slid toward him, her skirts also slid, but upward, not with her. As first her ankles and then her calves came into his vision, she saw his eyes widen—Damn I forgot my stockings.  No country homespun, they were of finest silk, as yet unharmed. 
“Very enticing, but not yet.”
What? Oh my… Bea decided her face must be the color of her rose trimmed garters. Then as her skirts progressed past her knees he grinned, and when her thighs appeared he laughed again. Beatrice wished that looks could kill, because if they could, the one she was giving him would have his heir choosing hymns and the blessing, and his housekeeper deciding on funeral meats.

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  1. I sense trouble afoot. Wonderful snippet

  2. Delightful snippet that offers so much of her character as well as a delicious situation. Lovely.

  3. Excellent. Love this teasing scene between these two. Great snippet

  4. Hahaha. He needs to behave. Great snippet and cover, Raven.

  5. LOl, love it, as always. :-D