Friday, 9 October 2015

Happy authorversary to me... Bits, bobs and body parts...and a #giveaway

Have some cake...

Well who would have thunk it, that four years ago today, friday (or yesterday if you go by date) I would have my first story, Wallflowers Don't Wilt, published. Not me for sure. As I'm sure a lot of you know, I fell into writing Regency by accident, but once I did, I was hooked.

(that cover, created by the lovely and talented Victoria Miller didn't half help to reel me in to Regency)

Sadly now, that and the other 30 odd stories from Breathless Press re out of print, but my muse still shouts loudly, and last week I had my latest Regency out, from Evernight Publishing.

Seducing the Rake is the next book in my Cursed Treasure series, after Compromised—the prequel—Lord Suitor and Sybille's Lord.

(These covers are courtesy of the amazing Jay Aheer)

Even though my first and last, and actually next book (The Deception Game out from Evernight on 13th) are all Regencies (The Deception game will be, I think my 14th Regency now available) I love writing contemporary stories as well. 

My first still available is Will you Dance Miss Laurence?

(that's a Fab Sour Cherry design...sends me weak at the knees)

My latest contemp is The Racing Driver's Wife.

(and there's another three out before Christmas... blimey)

I can't believe how lucky I am. Even though I lost over 30 stories available when Breathless closed it's door I'm still almost at my 50th story now out in Ebook or print. 

Yee Haa.

So, This is a blatant self promo I admit. But I'm so excited happy and darned well chuffed. I never ever thought I'd get to a dozen books, let alone four dozen.

I also never in a million years thought I'd discover my voice was not quite as sweet and innocent as I imagined it was. *snigger* The first time I wrote "cock" I swear I blushed, and the first time I wrote 'cunt' I covered my eyes... And until I began to write I never knew just how many different euphemisms there were for genitalia. And boy, some make me cringe, but well each to their own I guess.

However, bits and bobs ( giggle) apart, I also love writing about places I know and adore. Hong Kong for instance and Hong Kong Heat. Devon and Cecilia's Claim, and several Cursed Treasure books. (Compromised, Sybille's Lord and one as yet unwritten) Barbados, (The Contract). Scotland, Northamptonshire, and of course London. It's a very good excuse to travel.

On that note, I'm going to ask you, What do you prefer in a book. A historical or contemporary setting? Explicit or coy? And do you like the idea that I, or indeed any author writes about places they know, or doesn't it bother you?

I have a signed paperback of either Diomhair vol 1 or vol 2 or Hong Kong Heat for one commenter and a wee goodie bag of Raven stuff for another.

Over to you.

And megs thanks for supporting me all this time, and giving me the chance to indulge in something I love. Writing stories with you in mind.

And of course you can check them out on my web, by clicking here

Happy reading,


 R x


  1. I don't think I have a 'go to' genre. I love variety whether it is historical, contemporary, romance or not.
    This is probably why I do love you books because you are great at writing different types of books - after all as I say...variety is the spice of love. xxx

  2. Happy Authorversary to you. Seems like yesterday we all squeed together in our crit group, because you were published :-D

    You know your regencies are my abolsute favs of your writing. I just adore them! :-D Not that I don't like your other stories too. I most certainly do.

    As for favourite genre generally. It depends on my mood. The skill of the author in weaving a good tale is far more important than the genre. The only requirement is that it's romance :-)

    May there be many more authorversaryies for you, Raven!

  3. Thanks both of you. I'm allegedly slowing down but not stopping...

  4. I haven't read a good historical lately, but I used to love the genre. My absolute favorite is paranormal.

    Happy anniversary!

  5. Congratulations and happy authorversary, Raven!

  6. Happy Authorversary!

    I don't have a go-to anything. I have authors I'm loyal to. But I read all kinds of genres. Recency, BDSM, Contemporary, YA,NA, etc. I'm more author loyal and series loyal.

  7. THsnks everyone, It's great to hear from you :)

  8. A huge big happy authroversary squeeze to the lady who made me an author too - and here's to another four - in fact forty four - years!

  9. haha 44? That could be interesting!

  10. Happy Authorversary, Raven! As far as settings, sometimes I like contemporary and other times I like historical. Depends on my mood I suppose. Explicit or coy? Hmm, again, depends on my mood. I enjoy everything and I just want to read! ;-)

  11. That's so good to know LeLe, Because that's how I write. It depends on my mood :)

  12. Congratulations Raven. Here's hoping that your muse is forever entertaining and inspiring.