Tuesday, 27 October 2015

#TT The voice... are you listening?

A bit of a tease this week as my flash follows on directly from that of the gorgeous Doris O'Connor's which you can catch here here

This is my bit...

The voice...

“Oho, what have we here?
She jumped. What did he think…he…they…whoever think they had here? A banana with hair arms and legs?
 No not a banana, they were as scarce as rain in the Sahara, and she was not yellow. Not yet though if she stayed where she was much longer, thee was no telling.
Get rid of the darkness.
She had no idea why, but that light, that precious draw her out of the darkness light was a lode stone.
"Ele…anor…sweet…precious Eleanor. Are you there?”
Oh god that voice. That sexy as sin, dark as the best chocolate, smooth as silk and any other clich√© imaginable voice called her, teased her and drew her to…
To what?
 The light, that precious never to be taken for granted light.
The only thing to keep you sane.
Keep you grounded.
Save you…
She took a step.
“Come back to me…” Him.
She turned…
“No to me…” Who was that?
Eleanor. Enough is enough. Do as I say, I need you here, the light can wait.
He paused and the world waited.
“It’s over, you’re too young to die.”

She turned her back on the light and fell into his arms.

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  1. You know how much I love this :-)

  2. Oh, so that explains the cliff-hanger. I found the rest of it, and I loved how you two worked it out. Great work!

  3. Fantastic tease and excellent follow on to Doris's.