Tuesday, 13 October 2015

To do a chair swivel jiggle IS exercise...right?

Go on say it is...

Because I'm doing a lot of it today. I have a book out. A rollicking Regency romance. (Aliterative and addictive I was told ... I <3 that lol)

And it doesn't matter how many times I say those five words it still gives me a spine curling, skin tingling great big fantastic feeling. I have a book out... Me...

Whoever would have thunk it?

This last few days I've had my 4th authorversary and a new book out. Deffo a thing to squee over.

And as its release day, I get to drink fizz. Not that I'm adverse to fizz at any other time, but on release day it has that extra oomph to it. Okay, I'm probably punch drunk on life but hey, don't judge me. I'm a wee bitty happy.

Anyway to get back to my unashamedly pimp my new book blog—well I really am happy with this story, they were such fun to spar with. And yes spar it was. If you read the book you'll see what I mean)


When you discover a man who has been both your downfall and your salvation is expected to offer for your sister, who loves another, what do you do?
Run interference of course.
Beatrice has been told Jack, Lord Trevithan is about to offer for her sister Louisa. Several years earlier, Beatrice had been banished from the ton due to Jack, and his escapades. Perhaps now it was time to get her own back?
It sounded all well and good, except both Jack and Bea have hidden agendas
Ones that could chance their lives forever.
If only each is prepared to listen to the other.

Do they? Ah well you'll have to read the book to find out... but here's some teasing sentences...



“Shall we say I’m your nemesis?” she asked him. “The person who was waiting for you in the shadows. The one who decides your future?”

“Cat got your tongue? Ah,” He looked down at his erection and then at her. “I see. Yes, it seems the fact I’m in your power excited me. The body works in mysterious ways, one is that fear…or intrigue, acts as a powerful aphrodisiac. What to do? Alas.” He raised his hands. “That is up to you. So? Your intentions, my dear?”


“I will call you Prudence, Prue. For prudence is one thing you are not displaying.”


“My pleasure, my lord? Why, to have this over and done with.”


Oh, the texture of his skin as it touched her face, his breath as it feathered over her neck just before his mouth met hers, and the way he molded her to him, so their bodies met in a dance of desire…


“Rub on me, love, ride me and scream as you reach your release.”


“Ride me, fall apart for me, Beatrice. Scream your completion. Do it now.”


His pego sprung free like a bullet from a pistol, stroked her face like a lover, and rested close to her mouth as if seeking succor. It occurred to her, she really did think it had a mind of its own.


The link to buy it on Evernight is 

Whatever you decide to read—today, tomorrow or soon...

Happy reading,

Love  R x

Oh and a big P.S. While I'm here it's a mega thank you to all those lovely people who follow and support me, nag, nag and er nag (not that I'm looking at you Doris O'Connor, reditor in chief re nagging. Well not much) Without you all I'd not be here today. I do hope you're not regretting it *snigger*

I really, appreciate it.


  1. Happy Release Day, Raven, and for the gazillionth time. I. Do. Not. Nag! I encourage.... there is a difference....allegedly... *snort*

  2. so you say.... But I love your na... er encouragement