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The Dukes' Christmas Abductions "I wish you joy." "I wish me cunt." ( a RavDor collaboration) @MamaD8 #TimeTravel #MidWeekTease

This weeks #MidWeekTease comes from a recently subbed collaboration between Doris O'Connor and myself

Meet Kit...

(He just has that... Hmmm come hither look)


Follow your heart and cross space and time…
When Clara lands the job as curator of Faversham House it’s a dream come true. Especially, when her favorite Regency Erotica writer Vicky Hopewell shadows her in the run up to the annual estate ball—a tradition left over from Regency times.
The costume ball is always the highlight of the year, but neither woman expects to be confronted by two drop dead gorgeous Dukes.
Daniel Danvers, the Duke of Hockwell thinks Clara is one of the servants invited to the estate ball. 
Kit Capel, the Duke of Aulban cannot understand why his wife Victoria acts as though she doesn’t know him.

As both couples slowly come to terms with the reality of their situations, where does their happiness lie? It can’t be as easy as simply following your heart.

And your tease...

“Tarnation, Dan what the hell are you playing at?” Christian—known to all except his mother as Kit—Capel, the Duke of Aulban swore as he turned from another candle he’d managed to light, to see his cousin holding a swooning woman in his arms. “Who is she?”
Daniel shook his head. “In truth, I have no idea but she’s a pretty handful. The storm blew out the candle and well.” He shrugged and shifted his grip on the swooning woman to lift her into his arms. “I got one lit and here she is.”
Kit shook his head. “Just like that? So which debutant is she? I must admit this is a new way to ensnare a Duke. Wait for a storm, blow out the candles and sneak into the private wing. Thence to be compromised. Welcome to the world of the leg-shackled man.”
Daniel glowered. “I’ve no idea who she is but it matters not. It won’t rub, no leg shackling will occur. I’ll deny it all. After all I was with you all evening.”
Kit grinned. “Of course. As I was with you. Just in case Marianna Allencroft claims otherwise.”
Daniel paused on his way toward the door, which led to his rooms. “Fair Marianna?” He whistled. “You lucky dog. How was it?”
Kit considered. “It would have been bland. I scratched the itch once before, but that was it. She of course was more than satisfied, but I had no intention of returning for another course. Once over egged dish was enough.” He shuddered. “She wears so much attar of roses I was almost the one to swoon the time I did partake.”
“Poor man.” Daniel’s voice was mocking, and Kit snorted.
“I assure you ‘tis true. She got to taste my pudding and I declined to sup her nectar.”
Daniel kicked open the door. “Only taste, not enclose?”
“I decided enough was enough. The woman ate me like she was starved.” He paused. “Although if the gossip mongers are to be believed, Alllencroft isn’t shall we say able to perform. Too many dubious encounters in Portugal.”
“Poor sot. I suppose I could say poor Mariana but … I can’t say I’ve ever warmed to her.” Daniel walked through the open door. “Now this handful could be something different.”
Kit stared at the unconscious woman in his cousin’s arms. Much too voluptuous for his liking, but definitely to his cousin’s taste. “I wish you joy.”
“I wish me cunt.”
Vicky listened with growing anger as the two impeccably dressed men talked so callously about women. Okay they might have found the perfect costumes but did they really have to make their performance quite so authentic? Men—well some men—had moved on surely?
The door banged behind her friend and the first guy and she jumped as she realized she was stuck in the semi dark with an unknown man. One who hadn’t clocked her yet, but it was surely only a matter of time before he discovered he wasn’t alone? Vicky groped over the shelf of the mantelpiece she’d found in her fumble along the wall once they’d been plunged into darkness. Clara had been several yards ahead of her, and in the eyeline of the two men. Luckily, Vicky thought, as she was behind them, her presence hadn’t been noted.
Where had they appeared from? She could have sworn she and Clara had been the only two in the room when the lights went out.
Wherever it was now she not only had to contend with a storm, and boy she hated storms and always had, but also a drop dead gorgeous, play your cards right and you can have me guy in front of her, and her friend god knows where with this guy’s almost double.
It was enough to make even the hardest woman swoon, and whatever others might think—and her last boyfriend insisted he knew—Vicky was no balls buster. Oh she was an outspoken, in your face feminist, and had long thought women got a raw deal at times, but she also knew given the right man she’d roll over and purr. Unfortunately Maurice—hedge fund analyst and all out asshole—Endon hadn’t been that one.
The guy in front of her lifted the candle he held high in the air and turned in her direction. Vicky bit her lip, slid her hand a few inches further and to her utmost reassurance touched something cold and hard. She almost groaned her relief out loud. Thank god for small mercies. It might only be another candlestick but it was empty, heavy, and available. As a cosh it would work as long as she had the element of surprise. If it bent and wrapped itself around the bloke’s head it didn’t matter as long as it gave her time to find Clara and they both got away unscathed. Vicky decided she could bet her new iPad mini these two weren’t the sort to kiss a hand and say good bye.
More like kiss somewhere else and demand more.
The man in front of her turned and stared straight at her. His blond hair glittered gold in the candlelight and his blue eyes matched the color of his impeccable evening jacket, which sculpted his body. He flexed his long fingers, which gripped the candlestick. Vicky’s mouth went dry. That small gesture made her think of how they would grip her. How he would grip her.
She swallowed as an unholy grin spread over his face and the corners of his eyes crinkled up.
Well,” he drawled. “It seems it was indeed a lucky day I told Lady Allencroft enough was enough, and I preferred to partake of supper elsewhere.” He walked purposefully toward her. “And lo and behold my supper is waiting. Neat and perfect for me.”


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