Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Tantalising Tuesday... the 200 word flash...Gotcha!

This week for TT The lovely mother of my grandson, Doris O'Connor found this picture and generously shared it with me. Neither of us read each others before we wrote our take on it.

and here's the pic...

(source: pinterest)

“Babby you don’t need to.”
 Babs smiled and bit her tongue. Babby for fucks sake. Why not Babs or baby, not that stupid mixture of her name and a pet name?
“But sexy bum, I want to.” She cooed the words and watched as he visibly grew in stature. Sexy bum her arse. If you blinked you’d miss his. She swore he wore those padded pants women used to give them curves.
“Then who am I to stop you.” He put his hands on his hips and gave her ‘the look’. The one he thought made him look all macho and dominant and she thought made him look like a constipated pigeon. “Nice and neat now. Not too tight.”
“Of course not. I know just how it should be.” She fiddled with the ends, slowly ran her tongue over her lips and wriggled her bum. Her lacy teddy slid up her arse. That stinging chafe made her determined to get it perfect.
“Right, I think this is it.” She tightened the knot and pulled. Hard, tight and intense. His eyes bulged, his tongue stuck out, and he slumped.
Oh Yes.

“Got you you bastard. You won’t screw around again.”

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  1. Love that ending. Nothing like a woman scorned and all that. Still giggling at the padded pants too ;-)

  2. LOVED the padded pants and his WeeWillieWinkie!! Delightfully playful post, Raven. xo

  3. Oh wow! A wonderful tease. Great writing Raven!