Sunday, 23 March 2014


Hi all, (if indeed anyone is reading this, if not I'll ramble on to myself. Evidently according to my family I do that a lot. I reckon it's part of being a writer, and I'm talking (or arguing) with my characters.

Anyway, here we are at #SexySnippets day once more. I've not been around much, what with holiday's and visitors, but from tomorrow I knuckle again.

I have done a little bit. I've had my edits for A Dpm's Decision—Athol's Story (Dommisimma book 2), and I've written a short story.

So, as Athol is due out soon, I aught to take my snippets from there.

But, I'm not. Because I had an email from someone who said how much they loved Livvy's Devil Dom, especially Sael, because well, her words, 'he's as sexy as hell'. (she loved the way he uses his horns...but said this bit was a turn on...)

"Take your thong off," he commanded as he watched her settle herself. “Take your thong off—before I rip it off."
He didn't think she sounded pissed, merely curious.
"I could say it's because of the shitty day you've put me 
through, but I won't use that as an excuse." He paused, stared, and watched as her hands moved to the hem of her flirty little skirt. "I want to see you make yourself come, hear those delicious little moans and sighs you make as you start to come. And hear you roar and sob as you make yourself go over the edge. But"—he started the engine and drove out of the car park—"you're not going to come until I tell you." 

Livvy's Devil Dom is available from Evernight Publishing, Amazon Are and Bookstrand.

You can find the rest of the #SexySnippets at

Happy Reading,

Love,  R x


  1. I like a guy who takes control, indeed a turn on.

  2. Hmm Sael, he sure is yummy!

  3. Yeah, I can see why she loves this scene. ;) Damn sexy.

  4. *fans self* Oh my. Hot. Very hot.

  5. Not lone rambling at all. There's a few of us out here. Love this, liking the way he says what he wants and she gets on with it

  6. Very hot...someone who knows what he wants! (And I ramble on to myself all the time - it has to be a writer thing! lol) ;)