Monday, 6 August 2018

The Gluten-Free Author's guide to goodies-or not and, it's definitely GOOD, gorgeous goodies at OdeTrueFood

This is a long time overdue, but here we go.

Hell everyone and welcome to my latest gluten free author chat. Which I am honest enough to say is all about a company with fabulous ethics and sustainability, as well as amazing g-f goodies. 

I've just returned from Shaldon in glorious Devon, in an area where now I think of it, quite a few of my books are set, both contemporary and historical. 

Not only do I enjoy going there for the scenery, inspiration and relaxation, I love the food. 

Over the years, Ode True Food has become a firm favourite, which just gets better and better. 

Ode's food is amazing. This year there have two places on the go, Cafe Ode 'up' the Ness with this beautiful view that my camera can't do justice to. 

They have g-f home made oat bread for sarnies and on this visit, blondies (think white chocolate brownies with attitude) 

I should have taken photos of the food, but my bacon, leaves and tomato jam on that home made oat bread was so appetising, I forgot, until I'd eaten three quarters of it.

And the blondie...ditto. Next time, I promise I will try to remember.

 Everything that can be recycled is recycled, and how great is that?

They also have Ode at Coast View, which is pizza with pizzaz, and sadly also with gluten. 😞 That's because they have a wood fired pizza oven and as Tim, the great owner says, cross-contamination would be a problem. 

 (However I was nice, and didn't moan when my husband devoured his with appreciation)

But, hey we g-f-ers don't miss out. There are lots of gorgeous salads...mackerel, yum... and steak and other foods that can be gluten free. Oh and some of the best rosemary chips ever. 

And Tim makes a mean scone...

(Tim and the lovely Lottie >>>>>>>>)

I'll be honest, I missed my tasting menu of years gone by, but these two places do have better views. 

I'm putting in an order for next year. more scones please.

Before I go, I promised to put this pic up...

Happy eating,

love Raven xx

(I just had to mention Ode in my latest book, New Beginnings by Bryony Bennet written as Katy Lilley. Coincidentally, my heroine is coeliac...)

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