Wednesday, 15 August 2018

#MidWeekTease with a hot bod explaining his actions

Hi all, welcome to this week's #MidWeekTease.

Where to be honest, I'm stymied. What can I share to catch your interest?

I've hardly had time to open the lap top lately, let alone write very much as Raven.

However, this is simmering... I hope it comes to the boil, but who knows?

(Set in Hong Kong)

(Source, Pinterest)

She eyed up and purchased some sliced melon, paid for it and took a step back straight into a wall.
 Instead of staying sturdy and upright, this wall moved. It swayed, swore and something that had no right to act so forward, drilled into her denim-clad rear.
Er you what? Bec cranked her head round, followed it quickly with the rest of her body and looked up into impossibly midnight blue eyes of the guy from the fish stall. The one with the fine ass, and black over the shoulders curly hair, plus she now notice, a face half covered with non-designer stubble and a tan that definitely didn’t come out of a bottle.
Nor did the muscles or the top of a tattoo that showed under the short sleeve of his black t-shirt. A swift, hopefully unnoticed glance downward showed an impressive bulge under worn white at the seams, moulded to his body, jeans.
 Oh god. All her wet dreams in one hot bundle.
He winked again. Bec felt hot all over. Did that mean he had noticed her teensy downward look? She tried for a blank expression and was damned sure she failed miserably.
He grinned. “I, and my body say hello. Nic Starke at your service.” He chuckled. “Or is all of that a bit too much information? Sorry for the block you moving backwards stance. It was that or fall over a wee bloke with a mobile donut stall that seemed ready to spill hot fat on ever step he bumped it down. I judged a kick to the balls from you when you thought I was copping a feel was better than a burned ass or worse. The guy was jogging all over the place. I couldn’t help my instantaneous reaction. Sorry.”
 He noticed. Where was a hole to hide in when you needed it? Bec swallowed and tried a smile. “Sorry? Really?” Why on earth was her voice husky? She wasn’t trying for a sexy note, just doing her best to get enough saliva to speak.
He shrugged and grinned. “Nah, okay, sorry, not sorry. Miss?” He let the question hand in the air.
 Should she or shouldn’t she? She had her ‘rape’ alarm in her bag. They were in the middle of a busy street, blocking it even. Why not go for it?
 He tapped her arm and smiled. A bloody sexy, play your cards right, and you can have me smile. The sort that if you could bottle it you’d make a fortune from. The one that made every hormone in your body jump up and fight to be noticed.
“Whilst your deciding whether I’m harmless, I think maybe we need to go somewhere we can breath without rubbing up against each other. For me it’s a pleasure as we are, but I don’t want you to feel harassed, you understand.”
 She blinked and spluttered. Thank goodness she hadn’t been drinking when he said that. “Is your middle name, chancer?”

 He laughed. “Should it be?”

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