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#MidWeekTease and a woman on a mission

Hi all and welcome to my publication day *cue dancing, nail biting and a glass of fizz later* #MidWeekTease

Which of course is coming from today's book

Miss Simpkins' School for Seduction

(Evernight Publishing and you can buy it here now and yeah, really chuffed)


A school for seduction? Scandalous.

Husbands need to be shown that given the chance, their prim and proper wives can be more fun in the bedroom than any mistress. Therefore, who better to advise the young ladies of the ton about sexual satisfaction than Molly Simpkins, the ex-mistress of an Earl?

Molly’s methods are unorthodox, and would send the dowagers into fits of apoplexy if they knew what went on behind closed doors. However, compete discretion is assured.

Meet Flora, Lydia, Miranda, Jane and Molly herself as they introduce their partners to the sexual delights to be found in relationships that flout convention.

and your tease...

"I, My Lord, have a desire to feel your hand on me. Only yours."
Felix knelt back and studied her face. "Just my hand? What about my crop? Or a specially made flogger? What if I desire to redden your arse like that?"
Excitement coursed through her. Not just with his hand? Her quim tingled and her inner muscles clenched to hold back her juices as best she could. Really, to soak his legs would be all too easy, but surely a lady had to have some decorum?
"Let it go," Felix said. "If you are to be with me, never ever hold your desire in check. The first rule of any relationship is, in my opinion, to be open and honest."
So no decorum needed then? She relaxed her legs and felt the trickle of her arousal creep down her thigh.
"Until I feel their sting I can not say."
"It shall be on our plan of action. Firstly though, I really need to get down on one knee. Perhaps though we could be unconventional and I ask you to marry me with you over my knee instead?"
Miranda replayed his words in her mind. "Marry? You've been inside me once and want to marry me? But don't you need to ask Papa for my hand first?"
He chuckled. "Being inside you has nothing to do with it. Nor does your papa. I've fought my inclinations for long enough. If you don't mind being tied to an old man, why should I mind it?"
"Well, I don't. You're not old and I'd love to see you put me over your knee from there— Ow, ah... Felix..." He moved so fast Miranda had no time to gather her wits before she found herself across his knee and with one of his arms pinning her there. The first touch of his hand tickled. The second third and fourth didn't. By the fifth, she was floating, and pain morphed into pleasure and hot arousal.
"Let go and come for me." The spanks followed one after another, and she needed no further bidding. Miranda screamed her completion long and loud. Her whole body shook and she sobbed tears of pleasure. Felix soothed her tender skin with a soft caress. His hands stroked as he whispered words she couldn't decipher, until she stopped shaking and took a deep breath.
"I think it would be interesting to feel your crop and flogger, my lord, but in all honesty I cannot see how that can be bettered. Apart from your cock in my channel."
"Then will you marry me, Miranda?" He teased her nether hole with the tip of a finger and she held her breath. Would he? It was something else she'd wondered about. She clenched her buttocks and thrust her arse toward him. His finger dipped another quarter of an

inch, to stop just before the ring of muscles she knew was there. "Maybe once you have agreed to be mine we can discover the
delights of my cock in your arse."
"Oh yes, please. But, Felix, are you sure?" Miranda was

dismayed she couldn't keep the anxious note out of her voice. "I know I've begged and teased you, but are you really sure?"
He lifted her onto his knee, and Miranda gasped as the rough hairs of his legs scratched her tender arse.
"I'll apply some salve soon," he promised her.  

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  1. I liked the other tease you shared from this story and this one even more! Fans self...