Monday, 13 August 2018

The Gluten Free Author's guide to goodies or not. It's goodies all the way again today. Jeremy (and Walkers) come up trumps.

Morning (or whenever)

On a YES! Goodies! roll still. Great isn't it?

I'm just back from the end of the trip that started at Ode True Food in Devon and ended at Jeremy's of Scarborough, via Walkers Fish restaurant in East Ayton. (near Scarborough) It wasn't a totally foodie trip, but as anyone who can't eat gluten knows food, that is gluten free looms large in our lives. Too many times has it been a green salad! Not that there is anything wrong with salad, but that only tat can get boring...and not fill you.

However in Yorkshire last week, I had no problem whatsoever.

We went to Walkers Fish Restaurant, where I had superb fish, chips, mushy peas, (yes mushy peas as well) gluten free vinegar, and, and g-f bread and butter. The gluten free stuff is prepared separately, so no cross contamination.

Oh my, it was droolworthy, and well worth waiting until we were able to go to eat there. Mind you it is busy so maybe book ahead. 

( )

Then, to end a fantastic trip, we went to Jeremy's Restaurant and Bar, just off Scarborough's North Bay, (Corner of Columbus Ravine and Victoria Park Avenue)

Yet again I was blown away how helpful him, his lovely wife Anne and the rest of the crew were. Nothing was too much trouble, and the menu was soon explained to me, in what was gluten free, what could be gluten free and sadly what couldn't (not much to be honest)

I pinched some of my husband's beetroot salad which was gorgeous, and then are every morsel of my lamb. I even had room for a pudding. Peaches in white wine with raspberries and as I couldn't eat the biscuit crumb with it, I had meringue. And yes I did just drool.

( )

So there you have it, another positive blog. It's so heartening to think the 'not blogs' are getting less and less.

Have a good non gluten week....

love Raven xx

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