Wednesday, 22 August 2018

#MidWeekTease with a frisky peanut

 Hi all, It's #MidWeekTease time again. I'm having a terrible time with the net at the moment, so fingers crossed...

For instance when I try to add the #MidWeekTease banner, it says' I have no net...*headsdesk*

Let's play, pretend there is a picture her...

However, here's a tease...

(from a WIP set in Hong Kong atm called the Perfect touch...subject to change)

I don’t want to eat just now,” Bec said. “Dim sum and melon from the street market.”
 The relief that whooshed through him, when he understood she was explaining her negative answer to his question regarding food, far outweighed the simple fact she’d told him. “Phew, so I’m not a Billy-no-mates then?”
“Hell I haven’t heard that for ages except from my primary kids.” She grinned. “Not actually my kids you understand. Although a lot of them now just shout loser. Such charm some of them have. Nah, don’t worry, I’ll be a friend to you.”
With benefits?  He could hope. To judge by the way his dick was doing its best to imprint itself with zipper marks along its rapidly hardening length, certain parts of his anatomy did more than hope.
“So as a friend will you have dinner with me later?”
“How much later? She finished most of her wine and beckoned one of the waiting staff over. “Another one of these please, some nuts and?”
Nic nodded to his half drunk beer. “Same again for me please.”
“Sure thing.” 
The girl headed back to the bar. Nic picked up his glass as Bec used her now empty one to trace circles on the table top. Wet arcs came and went on the wooden surface.
Bec regarded him curiously. “Why do you want to have dinner with me? I can tell you right now, I’d not be on the menu. We only met an hour ago, and you know nothing about me. I could be an axe murderer or a follower of the Bobbitt theory of adultery control.”
 Beer went everywhere. Nic coughed and tears rolled down his face as he fought to breath.
“Oh god, have I killed you?” Bec put her glass down with a thud and stood up to eye him anxiously.
 “Not yet,” he gasped as she slid along the bench, skirted the table and began to thump him on the back. “Not even the little death more’s the pity.”
“If you can joke about that, you’ll live.” She moved her hands off his back, and returned to her seat, fished in her handbag and handed him a tissue. “At least you don’t have to worry about your mascara running.”
He swallowed decided he could talk coherently and cleared his throat as the waitron put their drinks and a bowl of shelled peanuts in the table. He nodded his thanks and waited until they were once more alone.
Bec picked up a handful of peanuts and pushed the bowl across the table. “Can’t resist them.”
“How do you know?”
 How do I know what? That I can’t resist peanuts.” She gestured to her full hand. “Every time.”
Hell, they were beginning to sound like parrots. “No, not that. That I don’t have to worry about my mascara?”
Three peanuts shot across the table and landed one in his beer, one in his lap and the third missed his eye by inches.
Bec groaned and then squealed as several more disappeared down her cleavage. “Ugh.”

“Can I fish them out for you? Nic asked innocently. “As a friend.”

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  1. Loved it, especially the Bobbitt line. I laughed out loud. Great tease.