Sunday 29 July 2018

#SexySnippets and a school for seduction

Hi everyone and welcome to this week's #SexySnippets.

I'm starting off with this...

Do you blame me? This gorgeous cover was created for me by Jay Aheer of Simply Defined Art

Miss Simpkins' School for Seduction is out on August 1st, from Evernight Publishing.

That's only three, yes, 3 more sleeps. 

Woo hoo. A chair swivel jiggle moment.

You see this book was originally, shorter and published five or six years ago and has been unavailable for around three years. 

To be given the chance to extend it, update it (because my writing has surely changed over the years) and have it published is fantastic. (I'd forgotten how hot it was. If you read it don't forget your fan)



Miss Simpkins’ School for Seduction.
Where seduction is the game and success is the aim
 It seems that husbands need to be shown that their prim and proper wives can be more fun in the bedroom than any mistress, given the chance. Therefore, who better to advise the young ladies of the ton about sexual satisfaction than Molly Simpkins the ex-mistress of an Earl?
 Molly’s methods are unorthodox, and would send the dowagers into fits of apoplexy if they knew what went on behind closed doors. However, compete discretion is assured.
 Meet Flora, Lydia, Miranda, Jane and Molly herself as they introduce their partners to the sexual delights to be found in relationships that flout convention.

And here's your Seven #SexySnippets sentences...

"So, you need a good fucking, Jane? That's a turn up for the books now isn't it? And what poetic justice it is that I've been chosen as the one to give it to you? I have such a week planned out for us. I don't think you'll be able to sit comfortably, and I'm damned sure any material against your tender skin will hurt like the proverbial hell we've just melted. But then, as you'll spend the best part of the week naked it will be not only no material, but immaterial." Her nemesis laughed. To Jane, it sounded like a death knell.

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Happy reading,
Love Raven xx


  1. I for one am looking forward to reading this and that snippet is fantastic! :-)