Wednesday, 11 July 2018

#MidWeekTease and she has to decide...

so now we get

The ripple in the water alerted her. Why on earth would anyone—or anything be there? This sleepy backwater was on the way to nowhere special. Three houses, two of them empty, and hers.

She backed away until she had the cover of the gorse and trees to hide her and then slid to the ground to watch unobserved.

Could it be? Her heart rate sped up, and tingles of excitement danced across her skin.

The water eddied faster. A shape, a man, oh my.

It was him. 

He rose in one elegant movement and shook his head.  Water cascaded from him in sleek flows. It gleamed over his sun kissed skin, sending shimmering rainbows of droplets into the air, to spin, sparkle and fall back from where they came. 

'I know you're there. It's your choice.'

She held her breath to the count of ten. He didn't move, just stood patiently, watching, waiting.

Now or never.

Very slowly she stretched and stood.

Now...or never.

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Happy Reading,

love Raven xx