Wednesday, 4 July 2018

#MidWeekTease from a man with a mission

I'm playing here. sort of a follow on from last week...

'The trouble is,' he said slowly and with an intensity that made her sit up and listen. 'I'm not sure you believe me. Understand that this isn't a drill or playtime. It is real. It is worrying and bloody hell, it might be the end of...' He paused. 'Whatever you thought was real. Now it's up to us. You me and... well, you and me.'
It was enough to send shivers everywhere, not just down her spine. How to answer it?
'No one knows the outcome Keenan. Not even you.'
He grinned. Feral, wild and fucking scary. 'Nope. But we could try to ensure it works for us.'
'We could?'
He nodded.
Colour me intrigued. 'How?'
'By fucking like rabbits.' 

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