Sunday, 1 July 2018

#SexySnippets with a rock star and a fantasy...

Hi and welcome to this week's #SexySnippets

I just saw on social media that The Rock Star's Wife came out three years ago. As I was chatting to a mate last week who was saying she'd reread it and still loved it, I've decided it's an omen or something.

Therefore, I've taken my #SexySnippets from there.

Set in Newcastle, Uk

Rock Star Nico was in love with Kenna and wanted to do everything for her, coddle her, and keep her safe. The result? Kenna felt stifled, so it was inevitable they'd clash. That clash resulted in them splitting up—until Kenna turned up at one of his concerts and Nico had the chance to explain himself. 
Would she listen? If she did, would she understand, and accept he'd changed and give them a second chance? All he could do was put his heart on his sleeve and hope... 
All Kenna has to do is listen to her heart, and his, and decide...

 "I daren't let you touch me or even me strip you, or I’ll come there and then. I'm so bloody hard it'll be difficult to even get my jeans over my cock. Can you take off your dress and bra for me? Oh and leave the stockings, itt's a fantasy of mine. You in sexy grey stockings and suspenders, me buried deep in your pussy, and your long silk clad legs around my neck. Ah hell, fuck it." He counted to ten and thought of root canal treatment. "Ice water, cold baths come on, think cold."


you can get The Rock Star's Wife from Amazon, etcetera, or from Evernight Publishing, right here

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  1. LOL, poor him! You really need to write more in that series, you know :-)