Sunday, 22 July 2018

#SexySnippets from a School for Seduction

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Where I'm taking you back to regency times


Miss Simpkin's School for Seduction


Where seduction is the game,

and success is the aim.


"Do you want to know more about his manhood and the way it and he reacts to a warm loving and sensuous woman, or how to dance and converse at the same time?" Molly Simpkins asked with caution. As she had no idea how knowledgeable Lydia was, it would be as well to tread with caution.
"Both, I think," Lydia said in a voice full of gloom. "For if he does offer for me, and I do wed him, he is not playing with someone else when he could be playing with me," she continued, then glowered. 
"At the risk of sounding indelicate, if other women can give him what he needs then why can't I for surely we are all equipped with the same orifices?" She blushed and giggled. "Unless to be a wife renders you somehow helpless? I don't think so."


Miss Simpkins School for Seduction will be available from Evernight Publishing in September

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