Wednesday, 24 January 2018

#MisWeekTease is here. With a hot bod appearing over the horizon for the Awesome Ladies

I will get #MWT up as soon as I can.


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Ignore that now... Here you go 

(Picked up from where last week's left off)

“Brace yourself. Because if my eyes don’t deceive me, there’s a talk dark ratfink appearing over the horizon. Well, over the hill. And he looks awfully like your ex.”
I looked, swore and shut my eyes.
Yeah, she was right. It wasn’t an apparition, it was him.
Getting closer by the second.
I almost drooled. I mean whatever anyone said, he was bloody droolworthy. And fuckworthy.
The others sat up and shuffled near me so I was surrounded by a stockade of forty-something bodies. God knows what the thought he intended to do? Sweep me off my feet, put me over his shoulder, carry me off and have his wicked way with me.
I wish. That was a scene from his latest, shirt off spy film by the way. Not James Bond. A lot, lot darker. And hotter. And...
Oh shoot me now.
He could have least put a shirt on. I know it’s hot, but grief give me a break. No shirt, denim cut off, aviator sunglasses and a bloody earring. Why do hot bods do it? It’s so stereotypical. But sadly so erotic and sexy and... Lord I’m at it again.
I nudged the body nearest to me. ‘Rhonda, budge up. You’re making me sweaty.’
‘Nah, you’re getting jiggy. He’s doing that.’
‘Yeah and so are you. Making me sweaty, I don’t know about the rest. But seriously, what do you think is gonnna happen?’
 She shrugged. ‘Dunno. But tell me now. If he’s come for a shag, what will you say?’
 I’d thought about that. ‘That you lot aren’t watching.’

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  1. BWA! I LOVE this! Fantastic teaser, Raven!

  2. Wow! He sounds so hot! I wanted to keep reading. Great Midweek Tease Raven

  3. Sandy and I should give her a shove back into his arms!! LOL

  4. Love the dialogue! Great tease - and we need more!