Sunday, 21 January 2018

#SexySnippets with Sandy wondering if her dry spell is about to end...

Yes, that's right. #SexySnippets are here again.
I was hoping to have a cover to show you today, as my first ever story, Darling Doc, written in first person POV is out on 31st. As I don't have, here's a picture of the snow around where the story is sort of set. I say sort of, because it starts off in Edinburgh, and ends up anywhere within a 20 mile radius of the Trossachs, and her village is a mixture of several in the area.

Yes, okay before you all shout at me, the story is set in late Autumn, but we do get snow then as well...

Darling Doc


This stuff only happens in romance novels….
After a chance meeting on a crowded tram, Sandy has cause to re-evaluate several things.
1, It is perfectly possible to lust after a stranger.
2, It isn’t only fictional heroines who need to carry spare panties.
3, A man’s voice really can almost make you climax in public.
4, Great sex does exist.
5, Being a doctor can complicate things.

When her chance encounter turns up in her surgery, there is only one thing for it. Grab said hunk and the sex on offer with both hands and don’t let go. Alistair isn’t a patient after all… and what two consenting adults get up to in their spare time can’t be love, or can it?

And your #SexySnippets... (paraphrased a bit to get the whole scene in 7...oops 8, sentences)
Alistair has just asked Sandy out, and she wants to know why...

“Because I want to get into your knickers?” He paused for what I guessed was effect and then winked. “But not tonight—tonight I’d like to take you out for dinner, and what else I have in mind doesn’t work well on a full stomach.”
 Oh shiverooney does he mean hot sex, swinging from the chandelier? Sadly no chandeliers around so what else? Now my mind was in overdrive. “Look, I’m not interested in a quick sh—how’s your father, so thanks, but no thanks; I have to remember who I am.” 
I did my doctor knows best face and he ignored it.

Darling Doc will be available from Evernight Publishing on Wednesday 31st January
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Happy reading,
love Raven x


  1. So looking forward to this. Great snippet, Raven :-)

  2. I did my doctor knows best face and he ignored it.
    LOL. Great snippet

  3. Hahaha. Of course he'll ignore it.