Monday, 1 January 2018

The Gluten Free Author's guide to goodies or not in ... *Drum Roll* Hong Kong (TST to be precise)

Hello once more and a happy new year to you all.

This post is long overdue but things like wrapping presents and cooking  (and eating) too much food—g-f of course—got in the way. 
But at last, here's my own, this is what works for me, in TST, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

(Night view from TST across to Hong Kong Island)

Now to anyone who knows me, it's no surprise when I say that Hong Kong is my favourite city in the word. I love it. The people the attractions, the noise, bustle, quiet parks and sheer vibrancy of it all. And over the years, the growth of good places to get G-f food without having to eat salad, no dressing.

Any native would be able to tell you so much more than me. i'm just going to let you know my favourite places. It's more TST because that's where we stop, and where I wander around more. 

This year I discovered Above and Beyond in the Hotel Icon. Where you get a choice of gluten free menus. You have to ask and choose in advance but ohh my goodness. It is proper Chinese food and superb.

(A bit fuzzy but this was my menu)

Every mouthful was superb. I'm salivating thinking about it.

I also discovered a new to me Italian. La Taverna on Ashley Rd. I believe it's the oldest Italian restaurant in Hong Kong, but this year was my first visit. And I had a fabulous Spaghetti Bolognese. It hit the spot, I tell you. Perfect. I was so full I even turned down desert.

If you're a spaghetti and pizza fan, you've now got the option for pizza in Pizza Express in the K11 Mall as well. Not that long ago you had to go to Causeway Bay for g-f Pizza Express. Okay the toppings are a bit weird, but its pizza!

Spazzo (Empire Centre, Mody Rd TST) is a brilliant example of G-f Italian food as well. Not cheap but oh so tasty. And weather permitting you can sit outside and watch the traffic...

Hutong does a great G-f tasting menu, but I can't eat it all. And, I have to say I prefer the food at Above and Beyond, tho yeah Hutong wins on the view and the loos.

The Chin Chin bar in K 11 has a great BBQ (not Sunday if I remember correctly)  and the corn snacks you get with your drink are great. (I recommend happy hours 6-9 for 2-4-1 drinks) And the music is good as well. (Now April singing used to be Chinnee (sp) )

As for snacks? Well, good old M % S comes up trumps there. Bread, biscuits (take out a second mortgage) and take away salads. I love getting a meal deal and sitting in Kowloon Park with it and a good book. Or of course going down to the waterfront and watching the Star Ferry and everyone taking photos.

(Nope not the Star Ferry but I just love to see this junk)

Of course the supermarkets now have g-f flour and stuff, and lots of small bakeries and so on are around. But as a tourist, who has been lucky enough to explore Hong Kong over the years, these are my tried and tested favourites. Most good hotels do g-f bread, and are great about doing their best to avoid cross contamination. 

I'll just add my fail safe. Steak... Steak and salad if I can't get g-f chips. As my lovely husband says, Wooloomoolo steaks are blooming good.

Am I ill? On occasion. Usually because I've risked eating something that might have been in contact with gluten. But that was my fault. The restaurants are great at explaining that situation. But sometimes chips just have to be eaten...
And on that note I'm off for some food...

Take care, enjoy your g-f goodies and happy eating,

love Raven xx

Ps Yuma near The Star Ferry terminal in Central is darned good as well, and they can give you g-f soy sauce.

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