Friday, 19 January 2018

#FFF No name...

Wow yes, do not faint.

It is me...

100 words inspired by this amazing photo.

(Source pinterest)

How often had he stood here and gazed at her?
Remembered how she danced in the rain, gave to the homeless and stood up for underdogs.
Both human and canine.
It was easy to wallow, to sink into despair and shout and rail at fate.
He wouldn’t. He’d promised.
To her, to himself to all who lived, loved...and lost.
He mentally shook himself. Took a deep breath
 Showtime. Let the celebration commence.
 Her spirit lingered on. In this and in...
“Come on sweetie. Lets go home.”

The poppet smiled and blew a kiss at the picture. “Bye mumma. Lub you.”


  1. What a beautifully romantic take on the picture. She sounds a lovely woman. Great to see you do a flasher again, Raven

  2. Def pulled at the heart strings. Beautifully written.