Wednesday, 3 January 2018

#MidWeekTease wth the Orrsholm Ladies Supper Club...

Hi all, and Happy New Year to those of you I've not caught up with yet.

Welcome to the first #MidWeekTease of the New Year.

I'm in the strange situation of not having a book out until sometime in February, and then not until May.

So I had a dilemma. What to tease you with. After all, you'd all be sick to death of my romance on the Go that's due out next month, if I tease from that until then, and ditto my Katy Lilley chick lit.

I'm busy with a Regency, that was a 14K novella and is to be a 70K novel eventually, but Hmm... That will be out even later.

So instead I've got an idea. I do have them and sometimes they are even sensible...sometimes. Is this one of them? I'll leave you to judge.

Anyway,  for the next couple of weeks you have the dubious honour of reading this...

And I have no idea where it is going...

Do you know how hard it is living in a place whose name was written Orrsholm, and pronounced Awesome?
How many times you heard... ‘pity you don’t live up to the name eh,’ and ‘is it awesome is and awesome does, then?’  Even one snotty, ooops sorry snooty tourist saying... ‘Aww, this place needs some... Dynamite maybe...’
We might be small, and to many a dirty mark on the map, but to me and around a 100 other souls it was home.
And to around half a dozen of that number, the place where the Orrsholm Ladies Supper club met every Friday afternoon.
Yes I know you don’t have supper on an afternoon, but really you couldn’t call it the Orrsholm Ladies TGIF let’s get pissed and trash men club, now could you?
So, me (I’m DeAnne by the way,) Brandie, Carol, Marylou, Sandy and Rhonda, decided we’d try to be a bit circumspect.
Not easy I tell you. After all we’re all forty-something, self sufficient and no significant others to worry about.
That doesn’t mean we’ve sworn off sex, just permanence.
Why Friday afternoon? Well, strangely we all finish work at lunch time on a Friday. So around 3pm wherever we decide to rock up works perfectly.
This week, we’d decided on a walk up the local hill and a picnic with fizz to celebrate the allegedly coming of summer.
So here we were sitting on rugs with our backs to a convenient rock or three, swigging Moet, eating pate and dishing the dirt on out so called local hero.
One I knew rather well.

I used to be married to him.

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Happy reading,

love Raven x