Wednesday 17 January 2018

#MIdWeekTease where DeAnne's dreams might just become a nightmare... #AwesomeLadies

Hi all and welcome to #MidWeekTease

This week we catch up with the ladies from Orrsholm on a picnic. 

“Earth to DeAnne.”
Grief I’d been so far gone in my not so fantastic fantasies I’d forgotten where I was and who with. I sat up straight and yawned very OTT. “Sorry, I’m knackered and I ache and not from nice stuff either.”
“Cabbages screaming do not cut me?” Brandie asked with a giggle. She’d been a mate of Marylou’s when they grew up stateside and somehow both up ended living in what some called the arse end of nowhere and we called home. She’s my second in command, lifesaver whatever you want to call her and knows damned well we don’t grow cabbages. We do however grow soft fruits and the sort of veg I like. So along with chickens—awkward blighters—we make a living. It might be nothing like my sort of ex makes. Think his week is more than my year or more but at least I’m happy. Most of the time
Gah I sound a right moaning Minnie.
“The chickens frightened by a bloody fox. We’ll be on plums for eggs for a week.” That expression made the others laugh, like I’d intended to. No one needed to know what really kept me awake.
Hot erotic dreams that left me sweating, writhing and so sodding horny I broke my bullet. Of course you can guess who starred in them. I really must not watch him on Netflix.
“Talking about plums...” Sandy’s voice trailed off. “Fuck and hell. Who ever said talk and it appears was right.”

She put her arm around me. “Brace yourself. Because if my eyes don’t deceive me, there’s a talk dark ratfink appearing over the horizon. Well, over the hill. And he looks awfully like your ex.”

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