Wednesday 10 January 2018

#MidWeekTease with one of our Awesome Ladies of Orrsholm thinking about sex... (as ever)

Hi all here's this week's #MidWeekTease with another tease from The Awesome Ladies Supper Club.

Where this week, DeAnne is thinking about sex... (when does she not... 🤣🤣 )

This week, we’d decided on a walk up the local hill and a picnic with fizz to celebrate the allegedly coming of summer. And all of us were able to make it.
So here we were sitting on rugs with our backs to a convenient rock or three, swigging Moet, eating pate and dishing the dirt on out so called local hero.
One I knew rather well.
I used to be married to him.
Yep, okay used to is a misnomer, but I reckon people think the divorce went through. It didn’t because he went all pissy, said he wasn’t guilty, everything was a pack of lies, and wouldn’t agree to it. The fact the woman whose name is etched on my brain, Patty-Ann DeGrell, a so called actress, had shouted it to the world and no doubt make seven figure sums out of all her ‘he’s dumped me and I’m heartbroken articles’ didn’t deter him. He just denied it all, said the woman was lying, and get this he loved me and was faithful.
When their pictures were everywhere. Those he added most vociferously were either fake or from their latest film. Did I mention he was a sodding A-list box office money raker-in?
I swear, never get involved with anyone who has an ego that needs stroking. It’s crap. Actually, that’s not fair. And I do try to be fair, even when I’m trashing him. He didn’t have a big ego.
Even so, ego or not, he put up so many bloody rocks and objections to our divorce, I gave up. After all I have no intention of ever getting married again, so a husband somewhere in the world and no doubt shagging whatever he fancied, was nothing to worry about.
So while he shagged, I used my trusty bullet. Actually I’m on number three. No messy breakups, unless you count the time number two expired mid climax and I threw it across the room and broke a vase.
But boy if I’m honest, I miss what I thought we had.
Not just sex, although that is a biggie. I mean plastic or a prick? No contest. Well, actually now I come to think of it, it depends what you mean by prick.

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Happy reading,

love Raven x