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TGIF and A Mutt in Disguise.

 Doris O'Connor and I are release day buddies...

Two books, one set today, one two hundred years ago, both with hot heroes and feisty heroines...

Over to you D...

Hello lovely, peeps. I’m bouncing again, as it’s Release Day. Not only that, the lovely Raven and I are release day buddies.

*excited squeal* *High fives and virtual wine*

So, she’s over on my blog and I’m here.

A Mutt in Disguise is a story that’s very dear to me, for lots of reasons, and I just love the cover the awesome Jay Aheer made for it. This was originally published as For the Love of Mutt, and when that publisher closed its doors, I knew I had to find a new home for this wolf shifter and his lady love.
I know lots of you loved this story as much as I did, and for that reason I decided to offer it as a FREE read. Yep, that’s right, it’s free J

If you’ve read it before, I hope this will entice you to re-read it, as my Editor with Evernight ensured the story got an extra polish, and if you haven’t…. well, grab it and enjoy.
Ethan/Mutt is a man on a mission, and when he scents his mate…


Love knows no boundaries—or does it?

When Anja is abandoned by her nightmare of a so-called boyfriend, she relies on Mutt to escort her safely home from the homeless shelter she volunteers at. Her canine friend proves to be an excellent listener. If only she could keep the wolf like dog, but confining him to be a mere pet would be downright cruel.

When she wakes up on her own, after a night full of erotic dreams, Anja doubts her sanity. Dogs don’t change into sexy hunks…

Ethan knows he should keep his distance, especially after the night they shared. Humans can’t be trusted, but Anja smashes through all of his emotional defenses, and his wolf scents his mate.

However, Ethan is in disguise for a reason, and he needs to see this through. Will Anja accept the man he truly is, as easily as she did Mutt?

Ready for a little exclusive excerpt? This is the first time Anja meets Mutt in human form.

The newcomer slumped into a seat, shut his eyes, and promptly started snoring.  Despite his obnoxious behavior Anja couldn't help but get annoyed at the reaction of those around him. They gave him a wide berth. The smell emanating off him was unpleasant, but everyone had a story, and this man had as much right to be here as anyone. As soon as the last person in the line had been served, she walked up to him and shook his arm to rouse him. She was prepared for the jolt this time, but not for the deep, gravelly voice wrapping itself around her senses.
"No need to manhandle me. I move."
"I wasn't. The day is winding down, that's all and—"
"You want me to fuck off out of here, I get it." He interrupted her and shook her hand still curled around his surprisingly hard biceps off with an almost feral growl. Again, Anja was reminded of Mutt, and she shook her head to clear the fanciful notion away.
"No, that's not it at all. The shelter is filled to capacity, but I thought you might want to take a shower, and I'm sure we can find you something warmer to wear at least, before you set off again."
"I don't need your pity or charity, lady." He growled the words and rose to his full height.
"I'm not in the habit of handing out pity, Mister, and if you don't want charity, then don't come to a shelter. It's really no skin off my nose whether you want to freeze to death out there, but as you're here now I feel obliged to offer you some help. If you don't want to take it that's your prerogative, of course."
To her surprise he laughed, showing an even set of teeth, and Anja shook her head at an advancing Mary. She could handle this just fine. He ran a hand through his straggly, shoulder-length hair, the color of which she couldn't determine, caked as it was in seeming days' worth of dirt.
She stiffened her spine, drew her shoulders back in an effort to make herself taller, and tore her eyes away from the width of his chest shaking in now-silent amusement. Was he laughing at her?
"What in the world is so amusing?" She tried for her haughtiest tone, but failed miserably. There was an unmistakable twinkle in his eyes.
"Quite the ball-buster, aren't you, lady?"
"Not usually, no, and the name is Anja. Are you going to tell me your name or do I call you Shaggy?"
His eyebrows rose, and he stepped so close to her that she had to crane her neck to look up at him. She held her breath to escape the smell assaulting her senses, and he laughed again, before he mercifully took a step back.
"Shower, you say?"
Anja released the breath she'd been holding and nodded.
"I guess that would be a good idea."
"You think? What did you do? Roll in dung?" She slammed her hand on her mouth in horror at her insensitivity, but he just laughed, and murmured something she couldn't quite catch.
"Is everything all right, my dear?" Mary asked.
"Yes, fine. I was about to show him where the showers are. So if you’ll follow me..."
She weaved her way through the throng of people, out into the corridor, and up the steep stairs leading up to the second floor. She didn't need to look over her shoulder to know that he was following her, so aware was she of his presence. The wooden stairs creaked under her feet, yet he didn't make a sound despite his much heavier frame, his footfalls as light and graceful as a predator's. She stopped at the top of the stairs and watched his silent approach. Again she was struck by the contradiction between his appearance and his commanding presence. A presence that had her leaning towards him, even as her nose protested at the noxious fumes coming off his clothing.
She stepped to the side as he came close and gestured toward the door to the shower units. "Showers are in there. I'll see whether I can find you something fresh to wear. Mary just had a new batch of donated clothes in."
She risked a peek at his face and promptly wished she hadn't. The quiet intensity with which he was studying her did strange things to her equilibrium. She leaned against the wall for some support and breathed a sigh of relief when he smiled, turned, and walked through the open door towards the showers all lined up against the wall.  He shrugged out of his jacket as he went, and even though she knew he would see her staring if he turned around, she couldn't quite get her feet to move. He discarded the jacket on the floor and toed out of the sorry excuse for shoes he was wearing. The muscles in his back bunched and moved as he made short work of his trousers, and Anja barely suppressed a gasp. He wasn't wearing any underwear, and he had the most perfect male ass she'd ever had the good fortune to ogle. And Anja was no stranger to ogling. The internet was a wonderful thing, after all.
He was surprisingly clean under the clothes. She heard him whistle as he turned the water on and stepped under the stream. Rivulets of dirt created an intricate pattern on his broad back as the filth washed out of his hair and ran down his torso, over the slim hips, trim ass, and powerful thighs, then down toward the tiled flooring of the wet room. He reached for one of the shower gels stacked along the wall and proceeded to lather up his hair. When he turned around Anja prepared herself to flee, but his eyes were closed, and she stood frozen to the spot, unable to tear her gaze away as he soaped up his body. She followed the movement of his hands with her eyes, and bit her lip when he reached his cock. Thick and long, it hung semi-erect between his legs and hardened under his ministrations.
Groaning, he cupped his shaft. He spread his legs and started pumping in earnest, putting one hand against the wall for support. Faster and faster that hand moved, and Anja rubbed her thighs together at the answering ache in her pussy. Who'd have thought that watching a man jack himself off would be such a turn-on? His face contorted as though in pain, his balls drew up, and his thighs shook, until finally with a roar of completion he shot his load into the streaming water and sagged back against the wall.
And still, she couldn't bring herself to move. Now that he was washed free of the grime, she could admire the powerful angles of his face. His shoulder-length hair stuck to his skin, and his full lips, partially hidden by his goatee, opened in a fanged smile. A smile she had seen countless times in his other form.
The room spun, and this time Anja couldn't hide her gasp when he opened his eyes and he stared straight at her. Mutt's golden eyes glowed, and the man's growl traveled across the distance separating them, as he grabbed a towel and stalked toward her.

Available from Evernight Publishing.

For all other downloads links, please check the book page here.

Stay naughty, folks.

D xx

As a wee extra, here's the gen on Sybille's Lord

It's the third story in the Moon Curse series.
Compromised, the first story is a prequel, and a free read. That’s Theo and Mijo’s story. The rest of the books are their children’s stories as they try to make their family’s fortunes
You can download Compromised  here on the Evernight website, or from Amazon, Are or Bookstrand
The second story is Lord Suitor. That’s Tessa’s story. You can buy that here on Evernight, or from the aforementioned sources.

And now drum roll book 3, Sybille’s Lord is out and yes you can get it from Evernight here

Happy reading,

Love  R 

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