Wednesday, 23 September 2015

#MidWeekTease and a cover reveal

Just had to do my #MidWeekTease from my next book out, (From Evernight Publishing on 30th) and combine it with the first showing of the cover.

so of course my tease comes from it...

She had to pick the one rake determined to be honourable.
Cecily Birch has had enough of chinless wonders and men puffed up with their own importance to last her a lifetime.  No way, will she marry one of them. Not least, because she wants a marriage like her parents have—filled with love and fidelity.
Nicholas, Viscount Tilton knows he needs to marry, but the young debs he encounters leave him cold. If only the right woman would just cross his path…like the mystery lady he encounters on his way out of the capital.
When Cecily is thrown off her horse, and wakes up in the arms of Nick, things get truly interesting, especially as she has no memory of who she is—only that she wants Nick.
Nick, on the other hand is determined to stay honourable…. If only they could keep their hands off each other.

and your tease...
(Cecily has been knocked of her horse and is concussed)

“Good. Now can you sit a moment and I’ll get you a drink?” 
Cecily considered. “I think so. If…” If what? If you hold me? Don’t drop me? Lower me carefully? All of those things? “If you help me down,” she said finally.
“Of course. Can you open your eyes?”
Cecily realized they were still firmly shut. It had seemed the most straightforward option. Now however… “With caution. As long as the world is not spinning.”
“According to the most learned scholars the world always spins. However, all being well you won’t notice it.”
The tone was humorous and the voice… Here she was throbbing from whatever it was she throbbed from, and tingling from a voice. Even she, sore as she was, she could see the humor in her situation. Cecily opened one eye cautiously and stared at the Grecian god who held her.
“You should be naked.”
“I should? Why?” He bundled a coat under her head and lowered her to rest on it before he let go of her. She watched with hazy vision as he walked away, approached a horse and took a flagon from a saddlebag. He turned to walk back to her, and she noticed the well-fitting riding jacket and breeches he wore. That was wrong. The man held out the flagon, and curled her fingers around it.
“Water. Drink slowly.”
“Why aren’t you naked?” Cecily asked him as she did as he bade her. His hands over hers did strange things to her insides. Like a herd of moths were having a party there.  Do moths even come in a herd? Well, mine seem to.
“Why should I be? Even though the sun is up, it’s a little chilly to bare my all.”
“Greek gods are always naked. And why is your hair dark? You should be blond. That’s what the etchings show. Blond and well endowed.” Good grief, had whatever happened to her addled her brain and given her mouth carte blanche to run off like that?
He laughed. “Greek gods maybe, English lords maybe not. The authorities frown on naked horseman roaming the countryside. As for the rest? We come in all shapes and sizes so who knows?”
Can I find out? Even in her befuddled state, Cecily was glad she hadn’t voiced that thought out loud.
“Well, the books should say so. What’s the point of reading to improve my mind if they lie?” She poked his arm. “I mean, now I’m worried. What if Zeus isn’t really Zeus, or Helen of Troy didn’t do things the way they say? Goodness, next you’ll be telling me…telling me… oh I don’t know.” She put her hand to the back of her head and winced. “Ouch, why did you hit me?”
“I didn’t, I suspect that tree branch did.” He waved toward a low thick branch on a nearby tree.
If she had the energy, Cicely would have glared at the offending limb. However she didn’t so she sighed instead. “I wonder how?”
“The usual way, I suspect. By catching you unawares. Easily done, especially if you don’t know the track.” And were going too fast, his tone inferred. At any other time, Cecily would have taken umbrage. However, as she had no idea what she’d been doing, she stayed silent. It didn’t sit well, and she suspected she was more used to voicing her thoughts, polite or not.
Do you need any more to drink?” her rescuer asked. “If so, I’d advise you to err on the side of caution. A little and often is best.” Once more his deep voice resonated within her. This time her quim contracted, and she bit back a gasp. Her quim for goodness’ sake? Surely she was immune to such things? It seemed to her that no one had ever affected her in such a way.
How can I know? She tried to think but it was beyond her. There has to be a first time, and perhaps this is it. She daren’t even allow the thought that maybe she wasn’t chaste enter her head. That was something she would know, she was certain.
He put the flagon down and lifted her into a sitting position, using his chest as a pillow.
“S’comfy.” Even through his shirt, Cecily could feel, and hear his heart beat strong and steady. She patted his torso. “Perfect.”
A rumble of laughter passed from him to tease her senses.
“I’m glad my chest passes muster.”
 “All of you. But…” Cecily squinted up at his face. If she concentrated as she regarded him, there was only one person to focus on. “If you’re not a Greek god, then who are you?”
“I’m Tilton, at your service. Who are you?”
That was the question she wanted to know the answer to as well.
“I have no idea.”

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  1. Nice tease, Raven, and that's another stunning cover! Congrats on the upcoming release.

  2. A very mysterious tease. I love her confusion at his appearance. Very funny.

  3. "You should be naked." <~ haha made me giggle!

    Great tease, Raven. Much luck with your new release!

  4. Oh ho, that's not the answer I expected. Great cover and great tease, Raven. :)

  5. "You should be naked." Gotta be the best line! Love the cover :-D