Wednesday 30 September 2015

Mid Week Tease and the rake is being seduced good and proper

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Chair swivel jiggle so I have to tease from it, now don't I?


She had to pick the one rake determined to be honourable.
Cecily Birch has had enough of chinless wonders and men puffed up with their own importance to last her a lifetime.  No way, will she marry one of them. Not least, because she wants a marriage like her parents have—filled with love and fidelity.
Nicholas, Viscount Tilton knows he needs to marry, but the young debs he encounters leave him cold. If only the right woman would just cross his path…like the mystery lady he encounters on his way out of the capital.
When Cecily is thrown off her horse, and wakes up in the arms of Nick, things get truly interesting, especially as she has no memory of who she is—only that she wants Nick.
Nick, on the other hand is determined to stay honourable…. If only they could keep their hands off each other.

and here's your tease...

Without breaking the kiss he moved his hands from her face and slid them down her arms, and oh my, around her waist and then lower, to cup and knead the soft flesh of her bottom. Deep in the kiss, Cecily groaned and the reverberations stoked the flames of her ardor even higher. In the depths of her brain, those trite words she thought registered, as did his touch. Should she stay quiescent or return the sentiments she hoped his actions displayed?
Oh return. Take my chance in both hands. After all the worse he can do is release me, move away and become stony faced and unapproachable. Cecily stood on tiptoe, leaned toward him until her breasts brushed his torso and her nipples tightened and hardened even more. He went rigid and his hands stopped tracing the erotic arc across her silk clad posterior.
No, how dare he? She clutched his shoulders and pressed her mouth to his firmly. Dare she move her tongue in the same way he moved his?
Why not? Cecily made a tentative swirl of his mouth, and was rewarded when his hands tightened on the globes of her arse, somewhat painfully but nevertheless welcome. He uttered a noise
similar to one that had emanated from her not that much earlier. Oh my, I can make him do that? Bolder now, Cecily moved one hand to stroke his cheek. His skin was warm to the touch, but rough under the stubble, which had appeared since he had shaved. Tentatively, still with her mouth plastered to his, she stroked the contours from his ear to his forehead and back again.
He shuddered. Groaned into her and moved his hands to hold her waist. Then slowly he broke their kiss, caressed her hand and brushed his lips across her fingers before he rested his forehead on the top of her head. His breathing was heavy, erratic, and loud in the stillness and quiet of the garden. Dusk had become dark, and somewhere an owl hooted. It should have sounded eerie but somehow it didn’t. It sounded exotic, applauding and giving her the courage to continue. Later she’d think how silly that sounded, but at that moment it was uplifting.
The sconces that flickered in the distance added a mysterious and erotic touch to the scene. Nick kissed her eyelids in turn, before he lifted his head to stare at her. The white of his eyes showed ghostly, and then he lowered his lashes as he took a deep breath.
“So much for not putting my hands on you,” he said finally, just as she was about to demand what next. “When I touch you all my good intentions go out of the window.”
Cecily gurgled with laughter and elation. “Well, we are out of the window.”
Nick groaned. “Minx, your papa should have had a firmer hand with you when you were young. I itch to do that all over again.”
“Oh good, willing and I’m here.” She spread her arms wide, and then once more stroked his shoulders. Before she got to his wrists, Nick took hold of them and moved her back to put several feet between them.
“Cecily, we can’t.”
“We can,” she said softly. “But you don’t want to.’ “That’s just it. I do want to, but I want more. Hell, Cecily,

here I am trying to be a gentleman—which if you ask most ladies of the ton, is highly unusual—and you are doing everything to negate that.” He patted her bottom. “For once in my life let me be noble.”
“Argh, must I?” She sounded agonized as he.
“Please. We must go in.” He began to steer her towards the house. Surely once they were inside his raging thirst—for her, not to

soothe his aches—would subside and the everyday doings of a well- run household would pull them both back into normality.
Cecily was silent for several seconds. “This time,” she said eventually. “Nobility wins. But I warn you, I won’t give up.”
“Good grief, woman,” he said in exasperation and muttered something rude under his breath. “Let a man do the right thing for once.”
Cecily stamped her foot. “Stop growling and calling me names. It is my life I’m concerned about. One, I hope, is to be long and fulfilling. I refuse to compromise on my happiness, and settle for second best. And unless I find out the mysteries which occur between a man and a woman, and see if we...” she hesitated, and then went on in a rush, “are compatible, and we fit, a wedding is not on the cards.”

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  1. Good on her for sticking to her guns. And congratulations on your latest release, Raven.

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