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#SexySnippets where Brodie comes in...

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only two more sleeps before The Scandalous Proposal of Lord Bennett is out...

To have and to hold?
Reluctant debutante Lady Clarissa Macpherson has never forgotten the forbidden kiss she shared with notorious rake, Lord Theodore ‘Ben’ Bennett, all those years ago. Even now, he’s the one man who sets Clarissa’s pulse racing and her skin tingling – no matter how hard she tries to ignore it!
Yet, when Ben rescues her from the unwanted advances of a drunken Lord at a society ball, she finds herself in a most scandalous predicament – engaged, to the most eligible bachelor in London!
Wedded? It appears so, but bedded? Clarissa demands more from her marriage than simply surrendering to her new husband’s sexual desires, especially when she realises she’s falling deeper in love with him every single day. Ben must prove that she’s the only woman for him – and surrender his heart!
Yet resisting her new husband’s delicious seduction may prove the hardest thing Clarissa has ever done…

and here's your seven sentences...

Piercing blue eyes stared up at her, pleading for help, a whimper smote at her heart and she bit back a giggle as Ben snuggled into his companion.

"Lovely hair," he said. "It makes me want to..." He opened his eyes, stared at his companion and then with a wild look shot out of bed in the manner of a cork from a champagne bottle. His legs tangled with the covers and he teetered for several seconds before he landed back on the mattress. "Hellfire and damnation what in hades name is this?"

"I'm not sure what hell would call it, but I'd say it’s a whippet," Clarissa said as she stared at the tiny, golden haired, shivering puppy and her heart melted. 

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  1. Ah, puppies will steal your heart like that :-)