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#MIdWeekTease and a seduction...


Sybille's Lord. Available on 11th September here

Her skin was on fire and she had a semi hysterical thought that once he freed her arms from her gown only her rock hard nipples would hold it in place. Could she command them to let it go?
“Such soft skin, but I need to see and feast on even more.” Thom slid the sleeves of her dress to her wrists and over her hands.
The softly scalloped neckline rested on the swell of her breasts one eighth of an inch the correct side of decency.
 “Shake your head.” Thom plucked the pins from her hair as he spoke.
Eh? However she did as he demanded. As her hair tumbled to her shoulders, the bodice of her dress left her breasts and ended in a crumpled heap around her waist. Within seconds her chemise followed it.
He bent his head and for the first time in her life someone other than herself touched her breasts. It was no innocent brush of his lips. Thom took one nipple in between his thumb and forefinger and rubbed and teased it. The other he pulled into his mouth and suckled. Not like a babe, but like a man in need of a feast. Someone who worshipped her body and gloried in it.
His mouth was hot and demanding. Her body pleaded to do as he wished. All Sybille wanted was whatever was next, and more of the same. When he moved his hand from her breast, she sobbed.
“Shhh,” Thom lifted his mouth just enough to soothe her. “I need to take off your dress. Stay as you are.” He stroked her hair. “Now, sweet Sybille will you help me in another way?”
“Ye..sss, oh …” She sighed and waited.
“So good. Touch yourself. Keep yourself warm for me.”
 What? How? As if I’m alone? Ah I cannot.
Thom gently lifted her hand to cover her breast. It was almost as if he could read her mind. “You can,” he said gently. “You are doing. Sweet Sybille, it is perfect. There, your hand warms you there, as I will warm you elsewhere.” He rolled her gown and chemise further downward. Over her hips across her mound and down her thighs. The materials were cool on her fevered skin, the slight friction they created added to her already heightened senses. Her skin prickled and she caught her breath. It was difficult even to breathe; every fiber of her being was concentrated on Thom. On his actions, his words and his strength.
Even her fingers seemed to have a mind of their own, as she fondled her breast. Yes, it was something she had done before. Something to discover how her body responded to thoughts and touch. But never in her wildest dreams did she expect to do something so outrageous in front of a man. Especially the man who declared he wanted her to give herself to him.
“Step out of your clothes.” Thom steadied her as she did as he asked. “Perfect. You are perfection, my lady.” He kissed the nape of her neck. “I ache to make you mine.”
Sybille swayed at the tone in his voice. He sounded in awe. Surely not? She blinked and turned around to look at him. Apart from his jacket, he was fully clothed. “You’re dressed.” She winced as she stated the obvious.
“Remedy it.”
Me? Oh my.
Where to start? The glint in his eyes goaded her. Sybille was never one to turn down a challenge. She looked at him steadily, and was rewarded by a wash of color that flowed over his face.
“Oh I will.” Could humans purr? She wanted to. “Lift your arms.” Was that husky feline voice really hers?
A faint smile flickered across his lips as he complied and Sybille slowly untied the laces at his throat and parted the neckline. Hairs showed in the gap and she itched to curl them around her fingers and test their wiry strength.
With more haste than finesse, she un-tucked his shirt from his pantaloons, lifted the hem and pulled the soft, fine, linen garment over his head.
Even without those rivulets of water that drew your eyes downwards, his chest was magnificent. Without an inch of fat on him, Thom was muscular, well-proportioned and made her mouth dry. Sybille gave into temptation and pressed a soft kiss to his chest. He smelled of man, earthy, but not unpleasant.
“You know, a man’s body is as receptive as a woman’s.”
“Sensitive, needy, wanting. My body. Think of where you like to be touched, I’m the same.”
“On your ear?” She giggled as his eyes widened.
“Like this?” He pinched her lobe. “Why not? However, I have other places to touch and taste, and hope you’ll return the favor. Later.”
“Then,” Sybille looked at his feet.” Take your boots off. Oh lord, can you? Without help?”
Thom laughed. “I’m not such a pathetic case, of course I can. Although, I do have a confession to make.” He waited for two of her heartbeats. “There is a boot jack in the corner.”
“Maybe you best use it.”
He inclined his head, and did as she asked. As he bent over to use the jack, his rear in her direction, Sybille feasted on the sight. Was it wrong to lust after a man, when all you were looking at was a cloth-covered bottom?
Boots discarded Thom turned toward her. “You’re shivering. Slide under the cover on the bed.”
“Only if you join me?” He was correct. She shook but not from cold. From anticipation, excitement, and the knowledge that soon, very soon she would be his.
“Oh there’s no doubt about it.”
She could sense him watching her as she got under the cover and propped herself on the pillows he’d put there not long before. Once she was settled, Thom nodded.
“Good girl. I’ll join you in a trice.” He lifted the spindly-legged table that held the wicker basket, and the wine nearer. “Now where were we? Ah yes you were undressing me. However, I think I’ll do the next bit. Otherwise your education might push ahead faster than either of us anticipated.” He gestured to the bulge in his pantaloons. “My pego is so desirous of making your acquaintance, I might spill before he gets the chance.”
Sybille nodded, although she wasn’t really sure what he meant.
Thom grinned, as he hooked his fingers into the waistband of his pantaloons and inched them over his cock. “When a man is as excited as I am, sometimes he can spill his seed even before he enters a woman. Now we all know it is preferable to withdraw from her so…” He stopped. “Ah, do you understand what I mean?”
“Well, of course. If you don’t want a child on the wrong side of the blanket you don’t sow your seed in fertile ground.” Thank goodness for those pamphlets. “So you withdraw.”

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