Sunday, 6 September 2015


Where I introduce you to my cover for Sybille's Lord, which is out on 11th...


When you have to marry to save your family's fortunes, and the man of your dreams offers for you, you ought to be ecstatic, right?
Not, if you want it all, you're not. Having witnessed first hand a love match in the shining example of her parents, Sybille is not prepared to settle for anything less than true love.
Thomas, Lord Jeavons might have proposed, but does he love her? Especially once she tells him her secrets.
For his part, Thom is enchanted, and far from being put off by Sybille's demands, he vows to do everything in his power to convince her that he is the only man for her—both in and out of the bedroom.
With her family's good name at stake, can they solve all their issues before it is too late and find their own happy ever after?

and your #SexySnippets

Seven sentences to tease you...

Thom moved quickly, swept her off her feet, ignored her squeak and tried to ignore how she wound her arms around his neck for stability. The blanket slipped and fell toward the floor. Sybille made a grab for it and missed. Thom kicked it to one side.
“My lord, what on earth are you doing? My blanket, ah put me down at once.” Thom suppressed a grin—she didn’t sound very sure that what she said, was what she wanted.

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  1. That wasn't enough! Sometimes the boundaries of seven seven sentences is just not fair. Great snippet.

  2. Fab snippet, Raven. Those two will be fun to read :-)

  3. It's a beautiful cover, Raven, and so is the snippet.