Tuesday, 28 July 2015

#TT ~X~

200 words and a photo


(source Depositphotos)

It could mean anything from no, to a kiss. To a mystery, to 'X' marks the spot.
For excite and excel.
Jasmine placed it on the table and walked around slowly. Pondering…
Was it the sign she was waiting for? The unknown, but you will know why sign?
If so why 'X' and why today?
Why with those vines entwined? Did it mean they could, maybe…possibly?
Answers to unanswerable questions were never going to be forthcoming. This one was no exception.
Her phone bleeped to signal a text and made her jump.
 She looked at the screen.
Her heart beat faster as she opened up the text.
Only three more words. Now it's time. Then three lines down… 'x' in every way.
So, X it is.
Jasmine crouched next to the object and picked it up. for one split second glowed gold and red in her hands and the heat filled her.
X marks the spot, sends love, is the missing link. No negatives here.
She walked slowly in a circle and chanted...
Take me to the mystery place, the place where X is all. Where once more I'll meet my love and we entwine.

X is for us.

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Happy reading,

Love R x


  1. Raven, this piece had one hell of a flow. I was not only intrigued, but wow, it was one of the best.

  2. Damn, Raven. Such a powerful display of wording. This is wonderful in every way.

  3. I love your mysterious teases :-)

  4. Excellent and left me wanting to know a lot more about X

  5. Beautifully mysterious teaser, a story that begs for more. Keep it going