Wednesday 22 July 2015

#MidWeekTease In the sun...

This weeks #MidWeekTease comes from The Racing Driver's Wife 

(Darcy is about to give Gael a massage)

The sun shone on his skin and the leaves from the nearby trees created dappled shadows that stippled erotic patterns over his back. As beautiful and thought provoking as they seemed, they were going to make it hard to make sure she got every knot and kink out of him.
Knot and kink? The thoughts those words created were definitely 'x' rated. She cleared her throat and Gael looked over his shoulder.
"Hi, cara. Will this do?"
"Not unless you want one side toasted and the other plain. Just there I haven't a chance of seeing what I'm doing. The shadows will muck everything up. You need to be over there." She pointed to the place she thought would be perfect. "And put this towel around your waist to catch any drips."
He smiled, as he took the length of material from her. The slow, let me undress you and have my wicked way with you smile that sealed her fate appeared on his tanned, handsome face. It had been there both going in and going out of their time together. It was one more thing that made women swoon and have palpitations the world over. The one he could no more not give than breathe.
Not the one that was especially for her, if there even was one of those. Once she'd thought there was, but...
"Like this?"
"Eh? Oh yeah, perfect, thanks." She'd been so deep into her memories she hadn't even noticed Gael had wrapped the towel around his waist, just like a loin cloth, moved the chair and sat down again.

He stood up, walked over to her and stroked her cheek. "Why so sad?"
"I'm not." Liar, liar, pants on fire. "Well not really. I was just thinking." Darcy got the 'oh yeah', one raised eyebrow look. She shrugged, pushed her specs up her nose and nudged him back in the direction of the chair. He moved obligingly and resumed his previous position "In this weather, the wood and seat are most unpleasant."
"Use the towel then over the wood instead if you want. Or go in and get another one.”
"This will do." He rolled his shoulder, and the way his muscles rippled and moved from side to side made her body tighten
Damn, I've been without sex for way too long. Five months way too long. Ever since one chance meeting.
"Sticky and sweaty," Gael went on, a suspicious gleam in his eye. She mistrusted the pseudo innocent look.
"Sorry, but what would you rather have?" Darcy asked briskly. "Sweaty and sticky and oil on the towel, or sweaty and sticky and wood and varnish stuck to your body? Either way unless we go inside and you sit under a fan you'll be sweaty and sticky." She pushed him until his bum hit the seat. He sat and didn’t complain any more. 

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